Okay, just a moment ago while watching Emraan Hashmi's movie Jannat, the scene where his character Arjun confesses that he has develope...

The most exploited word "Love"

Okay, just a moment ago while watching Emraan Hashmi's movie Jannat, the scene where his character Arjun confesses that he has developed a love-at-first-sight towards Zoya, made my mind race back to a post I wrote a blue-moon ago, Shakespeare and Love-at-first-sight. And that got me pondering over the subject of Love-at-first-sight concept again. According, to the feedback I got on that post I felt assured that this is the case with many as they too don't believe in this bizarre thing. But, my mind further got diverted towards the whole concept of love itself! Just have a look around yourself, from the posts on Facebook, to the core concepts of television soaps and the essential essence of Love in a movie even if it's genre is Horror, the whole world is going gaga over the "Love" thingy. But, did anyone out there (including you, the person reading this post) have ever given a thought about "What basically is Love or it's definition?" or "Why is the world making fuss on Love?".  To be straight on the point, why only the romantic bonding between a male and a female termed Love? Just think on this subject once. But, the definition of Love still remains unclear to me, what exactly is Love? Is it just the bonding between two people or when a person starts caring and attending to other person's needs, likes and dislikes? This still remains one of the top unsolved mystery for me and as I don't know what it is I don't believe in it too! Hence, some people consider me "Abnormal" too!

The film: Jannat.
There is this saying, "To say 'I love you' it take 3 seconds, to get it accepted it might take 3 hrs, but to prove it takes a lifetime's worth". And in my opinion, it's true too, merely saying the three words isn't sufficient enough. But, knowing what Love particularly is, what it's definition is of utmost importance. But why make a hype about it? Isn't Love supposed to be confined between two people, why do PDA (for those who don't know PDA, it's Public Display of Affection) then?

Well, I just wanted to voice my thought on this topic. But, I would be elated to hear your take on this thought. On a lighter not, I'm a die-hard Emraan Hashmi fan, ain't I?! I'm kind of running out of time now, so till my next post take care and see ya soon.

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  1. hmmmm emran hashmi scrwed it up but good blog kept me thinking

  2. its all about believing each other n u willsurely experience one day


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