February has come to an end and along with it the winter too. This winter, I spent the majority of my days out of Mumbai (hence, the lack...

Review: Himalaya FootCare Cream

February has come to an end and along with it the winter too. This winter, I spent the majority of my days out of Mumbai (hence, the lack of blog posts on my part) which, to think of, is blessed with non-existent winter! I know it sounds outright crazy, but having spent one winter out of Mumbai, I am grateful that we have an entire season of mild sunny weather as opposed to months of bone-chilling frigidity where water pipes freeze. 

Anyway, I have come back with a lot of tales to tell and a lot of winter woes to treat. Thankfully, the sorry state of my feet is already taken care of: courtesy Himalaya! These guys at Himalaya were kind enough to send across samples of their Foot Cream a few months back. In my absence, my mom tested the product on my behalf and met me with a glowing review on my arrival. I have used the product once already and I can attest and add to her opinion on this affordably indulgent product. 

Product's Claim

Himalaya claims that their foot cream helps in achieving soft and supple feet in one week. The natural formulation heals and softens excessively dry and rough feet, prevents cracks and provides protection from microbial infections too. The Himalaya FootCare Cream further assures that the gentle yet effective combination of natural moisturizers provides a unique three-way deep moisturizing effect to help keep the moisture intact even during extended exposure to harsh elements.

First Impression

Honestly, I was relieved at the sight of the packaging. Previously the foot creams I have used were in tub packaging and I am sure you would agree with me on how inconvenient and unhygienic that is! Himalaya FootCare Cream comes in a tub packaging which not only ensures utmost hygiene but makes it travel-friendly and fit for usage of the same tube by multiple people too. The cream is thick and luscious and feels like a dream on the application. One would expect a cream this thick to be slippery, however, Himalaya FootCare Cream absorbs immediately and leaves a matte yet moisturized finish. 

User's Experience

The proof is in the pudding, they say. My mom finished off one tube of the Himalaya FootCare Creme while I was away and is impressed enough with the product to get herself a second tube! In her opinion, it is one of the best foot creams available at the measly price of Rs.110/- for 50gms; It works true to its claim and helps softens the deep cracks in her heels (if not heal them completely) and keeps the whole foot moisturized the entire day from one single application (provided you don't wash your feet too frequently). Plus, as pointed out before, in a single usage, I found my travel-beaten and weather-beaten tootsies softening up. Also, the mild herbal fragrance is pretty incredible and gender-neutral too. 

Final Thoughts

Himalaya FootCare Cream does what it claims and at an extremely affordable price, this product is perfection. Overall, I cannot recommend it enough since it a great product for entire family's usage, especially during winter months. If you are considering buying Himalaya FootCare Cream, do so without any second thoughts. This product is a true value for money. However, the product does contains Parabens and maybe a put-off for a few buyers. But if you do not mind it, Himalaya FootCream is a best-buy.

Verdict: 4/5 (-1 because of Parabens).

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