Back in the day when I was facing my share of troubled skin, I had come across this Himalaya product in the trolley of a fellow shopper du...

Review: Himalaya Acne-n-Pimple Cream

Back in the day when I was facing my share of troubled skin, I had come across this Himalaya product in the trolley of a fellow shopper during a grocery haul. Post that initial sighting, I quickly marched to the relevant aisle to get hold of this product. Honestly, I have zero recollection of how this cream reacted to my skin and had almost forgotten that I've used this cream in my war against acne until Himalaya Herbals contacted me to review the product. Now, my face is no longer covered with zits of varying intensity all the time. Hence, I was on the verge of declining the opportunity. But the universe works in mysterious ways. My brother got a terrible breakout and thereby became a perfect specimen to examine the working of this cream on! 

Product's Claim

Himalaya Acne-n-PimpleCream promised to control pimples and scars while keeping the skin soft. Himalaya says that this product is a formulation containing Silk Cotton Tree, Lentil, Aloe Vera and Saurashtri, which has excellent astringent, styptic and cooling properties. 

First Impression

Swatch test

Texture of the product

Post-blending in swatch

The product comes in a basic tube packaging which is a huge plus as it helps in avoiding the contamination of the cream. The tube packaging is sturdy enough and thereby makes it travel-friendly. The cream in itself is of a thick yet light texture and has a pleasant herbal scent. It blends nicely into the skin with a matte finish and leaves behind no cast or whitish layer. On application, it lends a cool tinge to the skin and feels soothing.  

User's Experience

My brother had a bout of inflamed acne which on the application of this cream started calming down immediately and post the regular application of this cream, for two weeks, receded. The acne scar too is very subtle and hardly prominent. However, his issue with the cream is that he finds it too tedious to blend in and if he had pus-filled pimples any non-careful blending in action could end up popping the pimple. An easy hack to tackle this drawback would be using a cotton bud for application around the puss-filled pimples. Easy-peasy!

Final Thoughts

Already bought a second tube!

Himalaya Acne-n-PimpleCream proved to be a very effective cream in controlling my brother's breakout. And the facts that it is easily available and is affordably priced at Rs.45/- for 20g are huge plus points. Blending the cream in, as pointed out earlier, is a bit time-consuming yet I am willing to discount this con as the benefits at this meagre price far exceeds a bit of effort. Overall, Himalaya Acne-n-PimpleCream is a nice herbal alternative worth having in your kitty to tackle that random breakout without leaving a scar behind. 

Verdict: 4/5

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