Just finished reading William Shakespeare's "As you like it" tonight, if you are a classics freak like me then you probably wo...

Shakespeare and Love at first sight

Just finished reading William Shakespeare's "As you like it" tonight, if you are a classics freak like me then you probably would have too read this play. Shakespeare's "As you like it" is considered as one of his best works in Romantic-comedies with the hero of the play Orlando being considered as the best male-lead character in Comedy works of Shakespeare. I really enjoyed the book, I got to re-read it after such a long, long, LONG time (approximately 3years).

William Shakespeare once asked 'What's in a name?'.
Let me get it clear, I had a chance to do some reading on Wednesday while it was flooded at my place. Poor me, there was no electricity due to the water logging in the electric cabin so I had to wait till all the flood-water sinked through the gutter, It took a whole day! So, naturally I had nothing to do entire day because an any normal day of mine consists of being on internet for about 4 hours and then watching television for 2-3 hours and sleeping (by that I mean taking a long nap) and being out in evening. But this was not the case on that Flooded Wednesday! There was no electricity, that means no television or computer. Plus it was flooded so no going out in evening but thank God, sleeping (napping actually!) is free of cost and electricity! But again I woke up at 5.00pm with a headache. Soon, my hands were over my classic collection of books and magazine and from them I chose "As you like it" which became my read of the day. Its a nice play and I wouldn't miss the opportunity to catch the play on a stage (real paisa-vasool thing).

But there is one thing which I don't agree with in that play, Love at first sight. I mean, if you ever have read it you know that all the couples in that play fall into love with the other at first sight which is complete bizarre according to me. I am not insulting or criticizing the great writer William Shakespeare but I really find that thing awkward. Its okay if only the leading pair, Orlando and Rosalind fell into love at first sight but all the couples?! Its terrible and a bit boring, sincerely.

So, with this thing you might have concluded a thing about me, I am not a believer of love-at-first-sight! Yaa....I find this concept rather amusing. I read in a newspaper once, a study conducted by some American University on it, it stated that its not love at first sight actually, after looking in a person's eyes for about 5seconds for first time a kind-of attraction begins. On this I ask "really"! On daily basis we see many people in public transports, shops, etc. and I am sure a look around surely lasts for more than 5seconds. Does love at first sight happens between real people, in this real world? Hey, I am not completely averse to this thing but, the problem is I haven't seen it between real people so I am not in for it. This post is not for adverting your beliefs but I believe that its not the first sight that crops up love between two people but the things that come later- understanding, trust, commitment, care, etc.

Love at first sight?
I am running short of time now, its 2.30am now! Time to end this post but need to ask a question to you Guys first, "Do you believe in love-at-first-sight?". If yes, then please do define it for me...

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  1. coolll ya i do belive in it :)
    but i dont have a perfect defination

  2. I can believe in crush-at-first-sight. Love-at-first sight is still something unexperinced for me

  3. yup i do b'live d same.. v cn like sum1 at first sight bt LOVE nt possible.. m nt saying it's impossible.. bt thn too..

  4. love at first sight? i don't think any of that happens in the current generation......... anywayz....amazing article! keep it up!


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