Firstly, I'd start with wishing the season's greeting to all people. May you have a Merry Christmas along with a happy and a prospe...

Kitty-full of plans?

Firstly, I'd start with wishing the season's greeting to all people. May you have a Merry Christmas along with a happy and a prosperous new year. Well, a new year means new resolutions which indicated a new beginning with a head-strong will, with a hope of change. But what I hate about this part is; People make resolutions and break it within a week, or at most a month! I really get annoyed and pretty put-off by this attitude of people; first, they say they are following "this" particular resolution and don't want to break it but, soon they don't even care a damn about those so-called resolutions. I mean, you make and follow resolutions as you are eager to bring some changes in yourself by doing away with a bad habit, if not that then trying to inculcate new good habits in yourself, then why the hell are you breaking them? It's something you are doing for yourself, can't you adhere by yourself and stick to the things that leads to a better you? Personally, I follow my One change monthly technique because it does not pressurizes me to change myself and bring in all new habits all of sudden but, it stresses on introducing myself to a new habit, gradually easing into it and making it a part of my lifestyle; and then moving onto the next. But, I too make resolutions; just to define my goals for the upcoming year.

Kuddos to all the chic and traditional Christmas decor
Well, that was enough of lecturing I guess? (Sorry for that, but I just vent out my voice regarding resolutions) Now, lets move on to the fun part: How about creating a Picture Diary for the next year that involves recording your day with atleast a picture, so that at the end of the year you just go down the nostalgic lane and zoom past your whole year as it went by? In my opinion it's an awesome way of recording the year and I can't even complain of lacking the motivation or energy or time to write down the stuff because all I have to do is take a snap-shot recording any fun part of the day. Pretty cool stuff, ain't it? I read about this concept on Seventeen's College Blog, you can check out that article personally over here. It's officially called "A Picture a Day Project" and I am going in for it, posting a picture daily on my Facebook account. Let me know if you too are interested in this Project, it will be awesome to revert back.

Till my next, Take care and see ya guys soon (as you all know how much I hate "Good-byes"). Enjoy the festival season upto its fullest.

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