Hmm......I don't know what is bogging me down from few days, I am just not able to enjoy myself . Yeah...sitting glued to the computer, ...

"One change monthly"

Hmm......I don't know what is bogging me down from few days, I am just not able to enjoy myself . Yeah...sitting glued to the computer, logged onto facebook all day along is neither interesting nor its enjoyable. I just don't know but I'm not even able to connect with my friends and my ties with them are weakening day-by-day. Now-a-days I don't even enjoy sports as I used to (sports is my passion), I even make excuse to myself to avoid going for a jog or get out of the house for sometime and I just can't spot what is the problem with me. I just feel like avoiding everything I have in and around me!!

I think, I need a break from this vacation thing I have got used to....yeah! actually, sleeping late till 11.00am and sitting on fb all day might be the problem due to which all this idiotic thing is happening to me.......ugghh! From few days, I am trying to cheer-up myself by watching some comedy serials (Tarak Mehta ka ooltah chashmah is my pick for an ultimate dose of comedy anytime) but I think that is not helping me too.

Flowers represent change, right?
Okay....Guys I don't want to bore you with such feeling-low stuff so, let me tell you about a wonderful thing I have recently discovered (its not recently discovered though, I just happen to stumble upon this thing in a old magazine I was browsing through)..........."One change monthly". Well let me explain you this amazing concept: we think to do a particular thing, rediscover, reorganize, inculcate a new habit, etc. but after practicing it for a few times we become weary of it and eventually stop doing it. We wish to bring a change in ourselves with these "to-do habits" but we aren't able to. As they say "Tiny drops makes an ocean", similarly changing a thing or inculcating a habit monthly rather than all at once will help to change and remodel ourselves better as we want ourselves to. 

According to the magazine form which I am spreading this word to you, this thing is a step-by-step approach to bring a change in ourselves, this change can be emotional, behavioral, habitual, etc. The beauty of "One change monthly"  is: we just need a pen/pencil and a piece of paper to begin with.

You know guys, I too have started practicing this thing and my this month goal is to "Bath with just a bucket of water", I know you might be thinking what a crazy thing I'm talking about, but trust me guys my this month goal will help me to model myself as a better environment friendly citizen and trust me this is a great challenge for me.
I'll post every month about my accomplished goals and goals to follow for that particular month (and I guess it will also help me to be on track).

Guys, do tell me what do you people think about this "One change monthly" plan ..........till then see ya...... :]

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  1. hey good post but i have been doin this thing for years now in-spite of my enormous body :)

  2. Thanks for a positive response. well do you think I should continue such kind of posts??

  3. continue it be sarcastic in ur post a little

  4. Nice post. :)
    I'd go for one change per week, since I'm not patient enough to change things once a month, although I do believe once a month changes do end up being long-term changes. :)

    P.S. Visit my blog? :D

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. thanks.....Its a matter of ones own preference but the real think is inculcating the habit. So, as long it helps us in that aspect its good..... :)
    and I loved your blog..... :)


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