now-a-days nothing special's up, planning to go for a college-visit tomorrow. So this was my personal update, now time for blo...

Simple Joy

0 Comments now-a-days nothing special's up, planning to go for a college-visit tomorrow. So this was my personal update, now time for blog's update..

Well, I think now-a-days we people have turned pretty materialistic. Yeah!...see me for instance, I haven't shopped or traveled for a while (only few days!) and I am already feeling under the weather. I wasn't able to access the internet this weekend since, there was some connection error on Friday and that made me go nuts and restless, literally! But, not able be to on the desktop gave me some precious time to ponder over this serious issue of we teenagers going materialist and finding comfort in man-made materials, like my friends who are seriously engaged with their mobile-phone forever!

Few decades ago, very few people had cars and televisions. Mobile phone's were simply non-existent and most importantly, there was no facebook or any social networking site. Still, people were happy and found a list-long fun things to-do. I think its important (no-no, totally necessary) to keep these materialistic things on hold and enjoy simple joy that is all around us. I feel its totally shallow to base our happiness on major events like a vacation or loads of money or great grades (heyya...I'm totally tensed. So what's the need?)- These things will happen in their own time and you sure must work towards them. But in the meanwhile, enjoy the little things and feel happy and accomplished. Enjoy and relish a great home-made or even self-made breakfast, feel the greenery around you,  have a hearty laugh or nurture your mind and soul by doing something you enjoy....the choice is all yours. I have complied a list of things which I feel happy in,

Enjoy the oscillating motion of waves.
  • The sound of naturally running water: Just leave the tap open to fill the bucket, close your eyes and listen the harmonious sound and indefinable melody of running water. I even feel great when water runs through my hairs!
  • Tuning in the radio or any music channel and discovering that your favorite song being played (this make me feel too much happy!).   
  • That bitter-sweet feeling after finishing a great book.
  • When it suddenly starts raining after a long, sunny and hot day, and enjoying it while getting wet in it or with a hot cuppa of tea or coffee.
  • Settling down with a nice treat (preferably, choco-nut cookies and milk) while watching your favorite movie late-night.
  • Having a cool shower after a long trip or a busy and sweaty day.
  • Being home in a nice, warm bed at night when it is stormily rain outside.
  • Having ice-cream in cold weather.
  • Finding a some money in your old-jeans pocket while cleaning (I get happy when I find any halls mint in my pocket too, silly but true).
  • The aromatic fragrance of dinner cooking early evening, seriously irresistible!
This is a list of few things I feel joyous in, feel free to make your own list or add many more in my list. Just one thing guys, do step-up from this digital and materialist life and enjoy few minutes of serenity and simplicity. And till my next post, Aloha.....

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