Hmm...everything is going pretty fine, boring and tiring. Yeah I got admission into my favorite college- St. Andrews. I am happy but also a...

New-life dilemma

Hmm...everything is going pretty fine, boring and tiring. Yeah I got admission into my favorite college- St. Andrews. I am happy but also a bit messed up! Let me explain you the reason behind my mish-mash mind-state briefly...

All this started with me visiting the college yesterday to get the form, I called up many friends to ask them to come with me to Bandra. None of them said "yes" (which was very precious for me that moment) because they were pretty busy with their own admissions. Ah...I understand, they are too busy and worried like me so getting this "no" was pretty natural and very expected. Now you would have guessed what I did next- went alone! And that turned out to be a lot problematic for me. Travelling till Mira Road station was pretty easy task (I got the bus till there without waiting for it at the stop...lucky!) but things started to turn pretty ugly after that! I wasted about 15minutes at the station trying to figure out the train schedule and then trying to find which platform I need to go on in order to catch the train, in this process I missed about 3 trains!

Flowers represent change?

After catching the train I thought things will get simpler and easier but it didn't happened, After reaching Bandra I practically struggled to find a bus or  an auto-rickshaw upto the college. Atlast, I got an auto but a totally weird thing happened....I clearly stated my destination- St. Andrews College to the auto-waala and he even agreed. I sat in the auto-rickshaw, when I asked that man how much would it cost till there (I asked this way, "Uncle Andrew's College tak ka kitna hoga?") he straight-away asked me to get down! I mean, how strange is that, he agreed to drive till there but all of sudden told me to get down. After getting down I walked around a bit hoping to get an another auto-rickshaw but no-one was ready! I felt like breaking down, it was getting too late.

I walked till a bus-stop and inquired about the buses for the college and found a girl who helped me out immensely! She guided me with the way, and even accompanied me till the gates of the college. Okay this was the story of my suffering yesterday. This was all what is up with me. I know you might be desperately waiting for the blog's update but before that let me tell you one thing...I am over-whelmed by your response on that last post on Shakespeare and Love-at-first-sight and maybe if you would like I can certainly do more post like that one.

Good proverb, right?
As I told you about my day yesterday in generally, I'll also tell you about the things going with me emotionally. Actually, it was not the physical strain which drained me but the emotional turmoil I was trapped in! When I was collecting the form yesterday, I was just LOST! Lost, in the sense not knowing what to do next because in school where we were spoon-fed everything it was easy to navigate things as teachers and other staff were always ready to help us but there no one was there to help or to suggest. I, myself had to figure thing out. No one was there to tell me what to do or how to do! After being in a protective shell of school life since, birth being thrown in the whirlwind of college life was nerve-wrecking and terrible which led to me feeling low the whole day! St. Andrews is my dream college but even after being there I felt bogged down because of the above factor. All the while, I was feeling I would break down in tears. But I know its how the college like! It will definitely take some time for me to settle down and feel comfy again and I guess its all what is college-life is all about- getting strong and being able to adjust yourself in harsh conditions!

So I am off for today now. I know I wrote something after a long gap (approx. 6 days, I guess) but the problem was I wasn't in a mental state to write. Actually, I tried to write many time but I couldn't get through any article. I would start to write but stop mid-way as the article's quality wasn't worth sharing! I don't know how much time my next post will take so, till my next post, See yaa...

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  1. cooooooooooooooollllllllllll hey dont worry u wanted it there u got it thr now u have to suffer frm this types of trouble and ya the rikshaw wala told u to get down cause the rikshaw run on meter thr not a fixed price cool post u getting better now on this blog thing :) hope u get nice response for this 1 too
    -gayasaftab :)

  2. hey i will comment here hencefourth!!!
    okies """


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