If sitting in front of a computer for 12+ hours a day and being handed stress in the name of work assignments at each moment is already bad...

Restaurant Review: Ssup, Bandra

If sitting in front of a computer for 12+ hours a day and being handed stress in the name of work assignments at each moment is already bad enough, adding a dose of unhealthy nibbles further accentuates the destructive capacity of this beast called corporate life. I am guilty of eating my way through packets of large French fries from the fast food joint next door during my late nighters at the office and I am not proud of the havoc it has been creating to my health. So you cannot imagine the joy I felt when I came across Ssup- A hip and new delivery-focused outlet, based out of Bandra East, started barely a few weeks ago by Drishya, a former corporate employee, dishing out food which is not just delicious but health-focused.

My order consisted of a 'Make-your-own-salad", a "Make-your-own-smoothie", two of their layered Parfaits, their best-seller aka Beetroot Buttermilk, and a "Ragi Banana Sheera". And I cannot rave enough. Everything I had was sumptuous and is giving me serious day-dreams even now! 


In spite of numerous intriguing salads on their menu, I decided to experiment around and go in for their "Make-your-own-salad" option, which for the record, is extremely vast. They have got a huge variety of salad bases, dressing, veggies and other elements to choose from- I bet you would be spoilt for choice as I was! I finally zeroed in on a base of baby spinach, kale and quinoa topped with avocado, olives, and walnuts doused with a gorgeous berry dressing and a creamy vinaigrette dressing. Honestly, I was skeptical about the salad being too 'grassy'- courtesy my choice of leafy greens- however, it was extremely balanced out with generous portions of quinoa and avocado. The salad, overall, was delish and filling. You can stay assured that your make-your-own-salad at Ssup will end up being a delicious one- they know their stuff.


By now you should know I live for customization and hence, I dove straight into their "Make-your-own-smoothie" menu. I asked for one with strawberries, baby spinach, and avocado blended in a coconut mik base and sprinkled with a copious amount of Chia Seeds. I could have had a more indulgent smoothie, however, I did not go overboard as I wanted to sample their parfaits and desserts. This was strictly a healthy choice and surprisingly I did end up enjoying this! For the next time, I am already eyeing one chocolate chips, banana, and ice-cream! 

Pista Brownie Wonder & Berry Berry Parfait

These are the two parfaits which I ordered for from their extensive menu. Berry Berry Parfait is more on the fruity side with layers of dreamily thick Greek Yogurt sandwiching a medley of berries and a generous helping of granola. This is both wholesome and can easily be labeled a breakfast of champions. Alternately, Pista Brownie Wonder is more on the indulgent spectrum with layers of brownie and pista cream topped with chocolate and whole pista chunks. It was every bit drool-worthy. A bonus is the fact that they deliver their parfaits in a glass jar which makes it super convenient to carry and eat from during transit- godsent for those rushed Monday mornings!

Raagi Banana Sheera 

My late-night office dinner concluded with the awesome-sauce Raagi Banana Sheera. I can go on and on waxing lyrical about this fusion dessert! But to really understand the beauty of this dessert, you will have to try it- this perfectly sweet ragi Sheera with a subtle taste of banana has elevated my concept of Sheera forever and is simply one of the offerings at Ssup I would re-order over and over.

Beetroot Buttermilk

As pointed out previously, Beetroot Buttermilk is one of their bestsellers and rightly so- the humble buttermilk has been given a fusion makeover to increase its health and nutrition quotient with the addition of beetroot in it. This drink is mind-blowingly good and the addition of curry leaves lends it that savoriness which lingers and tingles the taste buds long after chugging this drink.

Things I would re-order repeatedly: Berry Berry Parfait, Raagi Banana Sheera, and Beetroot Buttermilk.

Verdict: 5/5

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