The fondness for food I possess is a direct influence of my parents; In my childhood days, I distinctively remember each Sunday being res...

Review: Maharaja Bhoj, Oberoi Mall

The fondness for food I possess is a direct influence of my parents; In my childhood days, I distinctively remember each Sunday being reserved for trying out either a new restaurant or gorging on lip-smacking street food. Once, we ventured to a place serving Gujarati Thali and I cannot help but chuckle at the fact that I refused to even touch the delicacies. Yes, I was that picky! Anyway, that tryst marked my only encounter with a thali...until now. 

The bustling restaurant on the weekend

Last weekend, I made a stop at Maharaja Bhog's outlet in Oberoi Mall with my mum to finally savour my fill of a Gujarati/Rajasthani thali. True to its name, Maharaja Bhog is every bit opulent- I instantly fell in love with the regal decor as soon as I entered the restaurant that chaotic weekend. And, in my opinion, what sets this thali restaurant apart from hordes of other is their attention to detail and a hospitality that parallels a Gujurati or Marwadi household. Also, the fact that they do thirty different menus for thirty days of the month is pretty interesting!

The Thali

Anyway, post a warm welcome to the restaurant and a warm water hand wash, the food began flowing in and before we knew, our enormous thalis were studded with more than fifteen treats! On the day of my visit, the menu comprised of Keri Paneer Makai Marble and Sewaiya Dhokla in the Farsan section; Rajasthani Daal, Rajasthani Kadhi, Gujarati Dal, Gujarati Kadhi, Fulka Roti, Dudhi Thepla, Masala Puri, Steamed Rice, Khichdi, Malai Kofta, Rajasthani Gawar, Aloo Curry and Channa Jaisalmeri in the mains; a special Palak Chaat; and the luscious Aamras and Moong Dal Halwa for deserts. Alongside the action going on on the plate, we were also served a Kesari Welcome Drink and Mint Chaas! And how can I forget the lovely Meetha Paan at the end of the meal? You see, the extensive meal is truly fit for a Maharaja.

Masala Puri and Aamras!

Sewaiya Dhokla with two different variants of chutneys!

I, for one, could not get enough of the Masala Puri and Aamras combo and the delectable Moong Dal Halwa. I kept going in for seconds and thirds and fourths, and before I knew I was incredibly full. Yet I did not stop and devoured the ghee-dripping khichdi and Fulka Rotis with absolute glee. I am not kidding when I say I was barely able to move after the feasting! And in that instant, my folks, I realised the importance of a good nap after a great meal. 

Verdict: 5/5

At an affordable price, Maharaja Bhoj indeed offers a feast fit for kings. In my books, it is the perfect destination for a Sunday lunch with family. Just make sure you bring along a large appetite to relish multiple servings. 

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