A handbag essential, hand sanitizers need no introduction. I awkwardly recall the moment I picked up a sanitizer, when they were initially...

Review: Himalaya PureHands Sanitizer

A handbag essential, hand sanitizers need no introduction. I awkwardly recall the moment I picked up a sanitizer, when they were initially launched in Indian market, from the shopping mart's aisle after a long debate with myself; I kept contemplating whether I would actually need a product like this on the travel I was undertaking the next day and in that contempt, I picked up a packet of paper soaps too. Funnily, those paper soaps are still lying in my bag after all these years. But on the other hand, I have gone through countless bottles of hand sanitizer. So when Himalaya contacted me to try out their range of PureHands hand sanitizers, I nodded in an affirmative instantly.

Product's Claim

Himalaya PureHands calls itself a self-drying disinfectant hand gel which is effective against bacteria and fungi. The product claims to be recommended and used by doctors too. Himalaya PureHands is proud of itself for being a one of its kind effective yet herbal, alcohol-based hand sanitizer, which kills 99.9% of germs to ensures total hand hygiene. The brand states that PureHands contains extracts of herbs like Coriander, which have potent antimicrobial properties and Lime, which is a natural bactericidal, in addition to the active ingredients of Neem, which is antibacterial, fungicidal and antiviral.

First Impression

Himalaya was kind enough to send me all the four fruity variants- Green Apple, Strawberry, Orange, and Litchi- in the PureHands range, with which I instantly fell in love with as soon as I flipped open the caps. The fragrance is delicious and one has to literally remind themselves that the sanitizers aren't edible! Packaging-wise, the product is sturdy and travel-friendly. The gel is slightly watery and spreads around effortlessly. On application, as Himalaya claims, the gel gets absorbed and dries out pretty quickly, leaving hands fragrant.

User's Experience

I carried around the product for nearly a month to test it in all the imaginable conditions, and honestly, it has emerged as a victor. Firstly, after drying there remains no stickiness, but at the same time, the hands feel wonderfully moisturised. I am one of those cursed with terribly dry hands and this product helped me avoid further dryness which usually occurs after sanitizer application. Secondly, the fragrance actually lingers for a long time post application- a clear win-win in my book! I have no criticisms whatsoever of Himalaya PureHands Sanitizer and have already gone ahead and purchased few more bottles for my family's use. 

Final Thoughts

Himalaya PureHands Sanitizer does exactly what it claims and at a decent price of Rs. 90 for 100ml, this product is perfection. Overall, I loved using this product and cannot recommend it enough. If you are considering buying Himalaya PureHands Sanitizer, do so without any second thoughts. This product is a true value for money. 

Verdict: 5/5    

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