Last Sunday, my Mum and I headed to 180 Degrees restaurant at Hotel Grand Sarovar Premier, Goregaon, to indulge in their Mother's Day ...

Restaurant Review: 180 Degrees at Hotel Grand Sarovar Premier

Last Sunday, my Mum and I headed to 180 Degrees restaurant at Hotel Grand Sarovar Premier, Goregaon, to indulge in their Mother's Day Brunch. Now, it is no secret- I love buffets. But what I discovered this time around was the fondness my mother possess for buffets. According to her, buffets are a perfect opportunity to sample a massive variety of offerings without any food wastage. So imagine our collective delight when we stepped into the restaurant to an extensive selection of French, Italian, Mediterranean, Arabic, and Far-Eastern delicacies along with Indian regional favourites! 

Restaurant Interiors

Salad Counter

The 180 Degrees Restaurant at Hotel Grand Sarovar Premier proudly boasts of being one of the largest all-day dining restaurants in the suburbs of Mumbai serving global cuisine. And it surely did not disappoint! We kicked off the gastronomical extravaganza with two lip-smacking salads, a terrific bread basket, Mexican Three Bean Soup, and lots of hummus and lavash; while revelling in the melodious live music performance. Next, we tried the piping-hot vegetable pizza and sev puri from the live counters and absolutely loved them. The Hara Bhara Kebab was sampled next and it was delicious too. The staff was extremely courteous and made sure we were having a pleasant experience.

Sev Puri!

Vegetable Pizza

We were on the verge of feeling full, yet the inviting selection of the main courses lured us into loading our plates once again. Slowly and steady we made our way through Indian selection, the Far-East selection, and the Italian selection- each of which was delightful. We particularly loved the live dosa and Indian bread counters. As we were making our way through the mains, we were informed about the live gola counter; dear readers, that was the point when hell broke loose! I am a devout fan of golas and I was presented with the opportunity to devour them without the probability of fall ill- what's not to like? We asked for two golas, one in kala khatta flavour and the other in kacchi kairi flavour. And we are happy to report that they tasted exactly like the ones you'd enjoy at Chowpatty, something which warrants full marks in my books.

Masala Dosa

Golas! Kala Khatta (Left) and Kacchi Kairi (Right)

Post the long savoury course, we dived into the dessert section. Covering crowd favourites like delectable pastries, divine Indian sweets, yummy apple pie, fresh cut fruits and ice-creams to live Jalebi and Rabri counter, the dessert section is heavenly if you have a sweet tooth. Fun fact: almost 90% of the desserts are eggless, so vegetarians with a sweet tooth, this is where you need to brunch to get a good bang for your bucks. We put a full stop to the meal with a glass of fresh watermelon juice to beat the Mumbai summer and, walked out with bellies full of delicious food and a Mother's Day celebration to remember. 

Strawberry Pastry

Chocolate Pastry

Verdict: 4/5

We loved the inclusiveness in the buffet menu- it has something for everyone. If you are planning a dining session with a huge group, 180 Degrees Restaurant is a perfect pick.  

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