Lately, new restaurants are mushrooming in every nook and cranny of the city. And honestly, it is becoming harder and harder to keep up wi...

Review: Bohemian Brew, Khar

Lately, new restaurants are mushrooming in every nook and cranny of the city. And honestly, it is becoming harder and harder to keep up with them. So, what does one do when they come across an excellent eatery that has that sweet cosy vibe with the right dose of funk, minus all the pretensions that come with dining out? They become a patron. Simple.

Say 'Hello!' to Bohemian Brew

The easy-to-miss sign board

The outdoor area

The indoor area

The basement area

The boho-chic decor

The tea bar

A mere two minutes walk away from the Khar Road railway station, Bohemian Brew stands bang next to the S.V. Road junction. Although the tiny sign board declaring its presence is a blink-and-miss and might mislead one into imagining a super cramped interior, this is certainly not the case. The entire space is neatly divided into three separate zones- the al fresco area, the interior section, and the hip basement section- each of is an experience in itself. If you are a sheesha-aficionado or just a group who wants to revel in the laid-back air, the outdoor section is where you need to be. At the same time, families or people looking for a more straight-forward dining setup can head to the indoor section. The basement is a chill setup replete with low seating and board games, and perfect for individuals wanting to be away from the ho-hum. We chose to establish our base for the luncheon indoors, courtesy the stifling Mumbai weather these days. The indoor area is tastefully done, and the boho-inspired collection of curios displayed adds to the charm.

Jasmine Tea

Tea Leaf Salad


Bohemian Brew boasts of being one of the few handful restaurants in Mumbai which serve a wide variety of speciality tea, so before we dived into the food section, we right away called for the Jasmine Tea. The Jasmine Tea is one of the flowering options offered by the restaurant and is a complete sensory delight. On Chef Rahul's recommendation, the Tea Leaf Salad followed the Jasmine Tea. Comprising fermented Burmese tea leaves and numerous crunchy elements, this salad was every bit scrumptious. But our vote for the best salad unanimously goes to the Fattoush. The perfectly roasted bell peppers and melt-in-mouth feta cheese just sealed the deal for us.

Mezze Platter

Hummus and Lavash

Three Cheese Stuffed Mushroom with Cherry Tomato Ragout and Pesto

Next in were the Mezze Platter and the Three Cheese Stuffed Mushrooms. The Mezze Platter of hummus, baba ganoush, and tzatziki served with lavash, pita bread and crispy falafel was hearty and flavourful. However, we found the Three Cheese Stuffed Mushroom sort of lacklustre. Still, we are a big fan of the cherry tomato ragout served alongside the Three Cheese Stuffed Mushroom and wouldn't mind devouring it on its own! Yep, we loved the cherry tomato ragout that very much.

Strawberry Iced Tea

Spicy Guava Mocktail

Nibbling on the appetisers, we had exhausted two refills of the Jasmine Tea and wanted to go in for another when Chef Rahul informed us about the secret Iced Tea and Mocktails menu at Bohemia Brew. And without any further ado, we ordered the Strawberry Iced Tea and the Spicy Guava Mocktail. Both of them were terrific and lived up to the narrative sold to us by the Chef.

Pesto Cottage Cheese Sandwich

Pesto Cottage Cheese Sandwich

Ricotta & Spinach Ravioli

While nursing the secret drinks, I settled in for the Ricotta & Spinach Ravioli while my +1 went in for the Pesto Cottage Cheese Sandwich. The Ricotta & Spinach Ravioli served with sundried tomato pesto, basil pesto and sour cream was flavoursome but I felt the pasta was a bit stiff and slightly marred the dish down a few notches. The Pesto Cottage Cheese Sandwich, though, was a hit right out of the ballpark: my +1 would not stop raving about it and can dash to Bohemian Brew even at this very moment to have it once more! 

Potato Gnocchi in Tomato Butter Sauce

Next, Chef Rahul suggested we try the Potato Gnocchi in a tomato butter sauce. And we reluctantly did, only to be wow-ed away. Seriously, the cloud-like potato gnocchi in that captivatingly rich tomato butter sauce topped with parmesan cheese is the ultimate explosion of flavours. Hence, we weren't surprised when we discovered that this dish is a house speciality at Bohemian Brew!

Bubble Waffle!

The extensive Pizza menu at Bohemian Brew kept calling to us, but by this point, we were stuffed to the brim. Yet funnily, we couldn't bring ourselves to leave without sampling the desserts. And this time, we went for another house speciality: The Bubble Waffle. We were briefed that Bohemian Brew is the only restaurant in Mumbai doing a Bubble Waffle and we didn't want to miss out on this rare delight. The one we went in for was with a Nutella base and topped with a scoop of strawberry ice cream and an Oreo. It was undoubtedly delightful and we thought it was the perfect closure to a sensation meal...until the freshly brewed Peppermint Tea graced our table. And this is when I realised that with a menu so extensive, Bohemian Brew shall give you a reason to visit over again and over again.

Verdict: 4/5
Overall, if a laid-back ambience and a huge selection of eats, drinks and hookah are what you seek, Bohemian Brew should be next on your list.

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