The fact that being a food and travel and lifestyle blogger is a physically demanding task may come as a shocker to many. With all that fo...

Experiencing Hot Yoga in Mumbai With Mirabella Hot Yoga

The fact that being a food and travel and lifestyle blogger is a physically demanding task may come as a shocker to many. With all that food sampling and long hours on the road punctuated with unhealthy eats, the unhealthy effects do show after a certain point of time. Hence, I wasn't surprised when I noticed that my physical fitness has declined from being a 5k run ready to gasping for breath on climbing merely a flight of stairs. In order to remedy this state of being, I shopped for new workout gear and was all set to hit my local park but procrastination seemed to get the best out of me every single time. This was when I got an opportunity to try out a hot yoga class in Mumbai. Now, hot yoga is a total rage in Western countries. At the same time, it is relatively unheard of in India, the birthland of yoga. So I curiously signed up for the same. Today I am trying to spread a word about this particular kind of yoga and my experience of the same at the premier yoga studio I sample this practice at, that is, Mirabella Hot Yoga.

Hot Yoga 101

Simply put, hot yoga is yoga in a hot room. On its face, it sounds fancy without any real benefit, but that is definitely not the case. The main idea behind practising yoga in a hot room is to increase the flexibility quotient of the body, boost the blood flow, push your body to burn calories, and flush out the toxins from the lymphatic system. So no matter whether your end goal is to lose fat or get a toned body or improve flexibility or simply get started with yoga, hot yoga is undoubtedly for you. 

My Experience At Mirabella Hot Yoga

Honestly, I was kind of sceptical of the seemingly lofty claims when I signed up for the trial class at Mirabella Hot Yoga, a premier hot yoga studio in Mumbai initiated by Paloma Gangopadhyay, who has trained directly under the founder of Hot Yoga, Bikram Choudhary. But I am delighted to report that all of the above-mentioned benefits are cent percent true. As I stepped into the temperature regulated studio, I found the stiffness in my body melting away. And with the gradual passage of time, I was finding it easier and easier to bend my body into the seemingly intimidating yoga poses. 

The highly qualified instructor taking the class made sure that we weren't simply pushing ourselves into the asanas but followed correct techniques and maintained a proper breathing pattern necessary for deriving full benefit out of the yoga pose. The focus of that particular class I attended was on posture and alignment improvement. And I cannot even begin to explain how much I needed that. I spend a majority of my time hunched over either a computer or a smartphone or sometimes both and this hunching business has lead me to a terrible alignment. Yet all it took was one class to notice a remarkable improvement in my posture.

Final Thoughts

Hot Yoga is a notch above the traditional yoga in terms of physical benefits. And that fact that it aids in flexibility is something which makes it perfect even for newbies who have zero body flexibility. My experience with Mirabella Hot Yoga was a splendid one. And if you are keen to try Hot Yoga in Mumbai, I cannot recommend it enough.

Verdict: 5/5

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