After an overwhelming September, every inch of my existence demanded a getaway from the monotony prevalent in my days currently. Hence, wh...

First Impressions: Hilton Shillim

After an overwhelming September, every inch of my existence demanded a getaway from the monotony prevalent in my days currently. Hence, when this weekend presented me with an opportunity to explore the art of eating for wellness, amidst a setting straight out of a storybook through the Life Enhancing Cooking Workshop at Hilton Shillim, I simply couldn't say no.

The Scenic Drive

See? I wasn't boasting about the wildflowers!

Nestled in the Sahyadris, the 320 acres-wide Hilton Shillim Estate Retreat & Spa is a wellness space with a focus on environmental sustainability. Merely a 3 hours long drive away from the madness that is Mumbai, this place was all that my battered batteries needed. One can actually sense the serenity setting in en-route to the property itself as the car whizzes on narrow winding roads with the Pawana Lake in the backdrop. And as I happened to be visiting right after the finale of monsoon, I was greeted with greens of varying shades and wildflowers in all colours imaginable, carpeting everything in sight.

Tranquil lobby

View from Shillim Institute

As soon as I set my foot on the property, I readily understood why Hilton Shillim Estate Retreat & Spa has several accolades to its name, including the prestigious title of being the Best Destination Spa for two consecutive years. The villas are generously spaced out and offer fantastic views to boot. Also, the privacy offered here is incomparable; I felt like I had the entire 320 acres to myself as I delightfully pranced around and chased the fluttering butterflies! And don't get me started on the infinity pool- if love at first sight exists, that infinity pool undoubtedly is mine.

Another Pathway

The Infinity Pool

Bedroom of a Forest View Villa

Hilton Shillim Estate Retreat & Spa also houses the Shillim Institute- a space dedicated to discovering holistic lifestyle through the numerous workshops, along with dedicated dance, music, painting and pottery studios. This space is where the Life Enhancing Cooking Workshop was conducted over the weekend.

The Workshop

Hands-on at the workshop: Frying onions without oil!

The workshop, specially curated by Sharan, opened my eyes to the possibility of substitution and innovation in cooking as we, the attendees, dabbled in concocting a scrumptious vegan meal- right from succulent appetizers to delectable desserts- all the while exploring the concept of reconnecting with our instincts in making food choices. And the venue- Hilton Shillim Estate Retreat & Spa- ensured that we also rekindled our relationship with the Mamma Nature during our time there.

View during the lunch.

The table setup

100% Vegan lunch

The lone regret I harbour is not being able to sample the rejuvenating treatments offered by the Shillim Spa. I know, I know- I visited a place famed for its wellness programs but couldn't try even one. Quite an irony! But hey, gotta save something for the next time, right?

Spa reception area

Beautiful arrangements dot the entire property


  • Hilton Shillim Estate Retreat & Spa is situated in Shillim Village and is a 20 minutes drive from Lonavala. It takes about 3 hours from Mumbai and 2 hours from Pune to reach the property. 
  • It offers all-villa accommodation and hence, is a great pick for a romantic getaway too apart from being a top-notch wellness getaway. Prices start at Rs. 15,000/night. For more information visit:
  • The best time to visit the property has to be during monsoon; you would be surrounded by verdant greenery and numerous waterfalls.
  • Recreational opportunities include yoga, meditation, classes and workshops at Shillim Institute, a bunch of treks as well as excursions to nearby forts and caves. 


Although on the pricier side as compared to its competitors nearby, Hilton Shillim Estate Retreat & Spa is the perfect destination for a weekend getaway from Mumbai as it offers the opportunity to relax uninterrupted in an idyllic and unspoilt locale. I cannot vouch for the wellness programs on offer, but they sure are intriguing. If you have tried their spa programs, do let me know in the comments below.

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  1. Thanks Aditi for sharing the blog. The Hilton Shillim is truly a beautiful places. The Infinity Pool has been outclass with exposure of beautiful sightseeing of mountains. I would like to know how you reached there like any tour agent or by your own vehicle?

    1. Hi Akshay, we went there by our own vehicle. :)

  2. Cool! I am planning the same probably in the first week of December. Hope it won't be too costly, looking at holiday season coming ahead.


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