I would be kidding if I told that I eat healthy everyday. In fact, I would still be kidding if I claimed that I atleast try to eat healthy....

#QuakerBowl IndiMeet- My Tryst With Health

I would be kidding if I told that I eat healthy everyday. In fact, I would still be kidding if I claimed that I atleast try to eat healthy. The truth is that it is really, really, really hard. Mostly because I am a foodie and will eat anything one may put up on offer (provided it is vegetarian). Also, because I am more concerned with filling up my belly when I am on the go (that is, almost all the time).

What came in as a breath of fresh air was an invitation to #QuakerBowl IndiMeet. Why as a breath of fresh air, you ask? Mainly because the speaker of the day Celebrity Chef Mr. Vikas Khanna, Nutrition Ambassador of PepsiCo, drastically altered my perspective of healthy eating...forever!

The one and only: Chef Vikas Khanna

I always thought of oats as this boring and dreadful breakfast grain with no taste of its own. In fact, give the opportunity, the past me'd rather avoid anything made up of oats at all without even tasting. But the #QuakerBowl IndiMeet made me realize that the major USP of oats basically lies in that very fact! Although it is tasteless, it is super high in nutrients and, thus can be used in anything. Thereby, shooting up the nutrient content while maintaining the taste quotient and integrity of the dish.

The above mentioned fact was further lend its credibility when teams of bloggers went forth and tried their hands at cooking up a storm using oats as the star ingredient. It was at this cook-off the multi-purpose use of oats was revealed! Did you know, you can use powdered oats as a thickening agent in soups and stews? I didn't! Also, one can sneakily put in a bit of powdered oats in chapati dough to give it that edge (now I know why my mom's chapatis taste best!).

My Team's Dish: Tropical Bonanza

Overall, it was a fun-filled event with unexpected surprises at every step (Chef Vikas Khanna, I am looking at you). It shone some light onto how we all can eat healthy even without trying that hard or having do in any meal prep! Proof? The recipe below which I jostled up with the pack of Quaker Oats I was sent home with...

Banana & Strawberry Slushie:
  • 1/2 to 3/4 cup milk (Try using chilled or cold milk)
  • 1 Ripe Banana (If possible, freeze bananas)
  • 3 tbsp Powdered Oats
  • 2-3 tsp Strawberry Crush (Bingo if you have fresh strawberries)
Whiz it all together in a blender and enjoy on a hot summer day.

Folks, I want you to understand that 'Health is Wealth'. Do not keep neglecting good nutritious food, when you are one of those who can actually afford to eat, unlike several others below poverty line. After all: Better Nutrition, Better World. 

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