I have already raved about what 2015 showered upon me, but, I've heard it is never wise to keep dwelling upon past glories and memories...

Setting Intentions For 2016

I have already raved about what 2015 showered upon me, but, I've heard it is never wise to keep dwelling upon past glories and memories; rather, using them as a base for future steps is the way to go, right? And given the fact that 'resolutions' have never been my thing, for 2016 I have zeroed upon setting 'intentions'. Google up the two words and you shall see how much negativity the word 'resolution' reeks; so thank you, I'd rather set aims than impose stuffs.

#1. Up My Reading Game
I swear if I could, I would be nose-deep in books all day; I simply find them quite fascinating. To read is to live over a thousand lives in one lifetime (I did I quick search to figure out whether this line is original, turns out it is already said by George R.R. Martin!). This year, I want to read a lot more on diverse themes than I previously have; yes, I reluctantly admit that I am a bit stuck up in my comfort-zone when it comes to books. I am shooting for 36 books in 2016, wish me luck.

#2. Establish An Ideating Routine
For most people, it is the stress that keeps them awake at night; for me, it is definitely my ideas. As soon as I hit the hay, ideas start erupting in my head like pimples did back when I was in middle school. The worst part? I have nothing to note my ideas down in at that hour, and if I turn on the lights, ideas disappear like the stars in the morning! It surely is annoying, thus, I want to establish an ideating routine, so that I can brainstorm at my will and be prepared to note the ideas down (also, so that I can sleep quickly, ha ha). If it works, I might do a write-up on it.

#3. Breathe In, Breathe Out
Lately I have been re-embracing Yoga. My On-And-Off Yoga journey began back when I was 5 years old! Yeah, the Yoga program in my first school introduced me to several yoga poses, but I was too young to understand the importance it packed back then. Since then, I have had a very inconsistent relationship with Yoga. Anyway, what I am intending to adopt this year is a refreshed approach towards breathing. Do you know, the way majority breathe unconsciously oxygenates a mere 2-5% of the brain! Know you know why I am eager to learn how to breathe correctly.

#4. Try, Try
Chronic Fatigue and the Depression it induced back in 2015 amputated my ability to actually give my best. I barely could muster up courage to get out of the bed in the mornings or treat any situation seriously (a big proof was my attitude during my Semester exams back in October, where I took no effort whatsoever to even gather and compile study material uptil the morning I was supposed to write my exam!). I am wanting to take things slowly back to normal and not force myself into compulsorily giving 100% to anything.

#5. Lighten The Load
I carry a lot of baggage, half of which isn't mine in the first place! My mind seriously cries out for a mental detox. Luckily, I chanced upon this 7 Day Mental Detox Plan; firstly, the daily tasks are utterly simple and secondly, the time period isn't too long to lose track. Doesn't hurt to give it a try, does it? And if it works, I wouldn't mind adopting it as a cyclic routine. Fingers crossed.

Enough about my intentions now; I am all ears to know about what are your expectations from yourself in 2016. That, and a very Happy New Year.

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