In Mumbai, when zeroing on a place with good food and music, the first name that comes to mind is Hard Rock Cafe. With their legendary burg...

Review: Latin Fiesta at Hard Rock Cafe

In Mumbai, when zeroing on a place with good food and music, the first name that comes to mind is Hard Rock Cafe. With their legendary burgers, choicest selection of drinks and live music, it  never fails to give one the good time. So when I got the opportunity to try the menu specials as a part of their ongoing Latin Fiesta, I seized the opportunity.

My Latin sojourn took a jump start with a virgin Cranberry & Lychee Margarita, a lovely concoction of  freshly squeezed lime juice, lychee and cranberries, originally also incorporating Jose Cuerveo Especial Silver Tequila. It was just the way I prefer my drinks; tangy with a bit of sweetness. Next arrived the Brazilian BBQ Veg Grill Skewers, a sizzling skillet of BBQ glazed and spice rubbed cottage cheese skewers, served over a bed of Chimi Churi spiced fajita onions and bell peppers, and topped with crispy nachos. Honestly, the marinade did not pack the Latin punch that I expected it to and the portion size is a bit odd as it has only three skewers.

The Virgin Margaritas

The virgin Cranberry & Lychee Margarita got exhausted whilst I gorged away on the Brazilian BBQ Veg Grill Skewers and gave me a chance to sample a virgin Liquid Lust, originally composed of Jose Cuerveo Especial Silver Tequila, White Wine, Cranberry juice, Orange juice and Lime juice. This drink was on the sweeter side with an occasional touch of tartness from the Orange and Lime juice.

The Brazilian BBQ Veg Grill Skewers

The Albuquerque-Vegetarian Burrito and Sizzlin' Skillet Scorched Brownie were the stars of the show for me. The Albuquerque-Vegetarian Burrito is a flour tortilla slathered with smoked Chipotle Ranch, topped with shredded lettuce, crispy potato pops, south west refried beans, sweet chilli, mixed cheese, roasted veggies and served with spiced super-crisp fries and a tangy salsa. The enormous size of the burrito ensures that your tummy is filled to the brim. My verdict? A total paisa-vasool dish.

The Albuquerque Vegetarian Burrito

The Sizzlin' Skillet Scorched Brownie, as the name itself suggests; is a Walnut Brownie with Vanilla Ice-cream and Chocolate Fudge, sizzler style. A terrific dessert, the Sizzlin' Skillet Scorched Brownie was gobbled down within seconds! An absolutely amazing end to the afternoon.

The Sizzlin' Skillet Scorched Brownie

Overall, Latin Fiesta is a win, except for a few dishes which can easily be given a miss. I would not mind another trip to Hard Rock Cafe just to relish the Albuquerque-Vegetarian Burrito again. As for you folks, Latin Fiesta is on only till 6th September, so hurry up and savour the spread.

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  1. The last couple of times I had gone to the Hard Rock Cafe, they were hosting children's birthday parties! Imagine that!


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