Hard Rock Cafe is a name every foodie and music lover is acquaint with. Its warm and chic atmosphere studded with rock memorabilia through...

Review: The Sizzle Festival at Hard Rock Cafe

Hard Rock Cafe is a name every foodie and music lover is acquaint with. Its warm and chic atmosphere studded with rock memorabilia throughout the space definitely elevates the dining experience for lovers of the namesake genre. So what would a foodie, who is also a metalhead, do when she gets the opportunity to pay a visit to this legendary restaurant and sample picks from their limited period offerings? Duh, grab it and never let it go!

Last week, Thursday to be precise, I headed to Hard Rock Cafe's outlet nestled beautifully in a Mill Complex located in Worli to try their sizzling spread up on offer as a part of their ongoing Sizzle Festival, which are on the menu till 22nd March across all its outlets. To describe the experience in a nutshell; worth the hype.

Bacardi Smoked Apple Pie (left), Smoked Bacardi Gold Sour (right).

The afternoon began on a high note with the sound of sizzle greeting me as soon as I stepped in the restaurant; that, paired with the aroma of the sizzlers, surely fired up my appetite for the forthcoming feast consisting of a fiery Grilled Paneer Tikka Sizzler and a delectable Lebanese Veg. Fajita Sizzler washed down with Bacardi Smoked Apple Pie and Smoked Bacardi Gold Sour (I had them virgin), two of the few specially concocted cocktails for this festival.

The Lebanese Veg. Fajita Sizzler

The two sizzlers I tried are vegetarian, but all you meat-loving folks out there, fret not, you have got ample of options to devour; be it Smoked Chipotle Pepper, Lima & Tequila Prawns Sizzler, or Oriental Seafood Sizzle, or the Grilled Chicken Makhani Sizzler, or Herb Lemon Crusted Chicken Scallopini Sizzler, or Hungarian Steak Stew Sizzler, or Grilled Steak with Red Wine & Mushroom Pepper Sauce Sizzler. All of which look spell-binding and according to the non-vegetarian at the table, lip-smacking.

An assembled version of The Lebanese Veg. Fajita Sizzler.

Personally, I loved the Lebanese Veg. Fajita Sizzler- a unique presentation of Falafel bites on Fajita Vegetables, served with Tortillas, Creamy Tahini Garlic Dip, a few variety of Cheeses and Sweet n' Sour Pickled Veggies. In my opinion, it is a perfect hang-out dish; just help yourselves out (or ask the server, if you are having a hard time building your meal), kick-back and enjoy. Plus, the quantity on offer is pretty good, so you get a great bang for your bucks.

The Grilled Panner Tikka Sizzler

The Grilled Paneer Tikka is more of a sole person's complete meal. It has got these lovely Char Grilled Paneer steaks spread over Indian Vegetables, served with Tangy Makhani Sauce, Roasted Cumin Scented Butter Rice and a lovely salad of Fresh Vegetables. It is a perfect rendition of the phrase "East meets West", given the fact that how beautifully a quintessential Indian dish has been transformed into something so Western in its appeal.

A closer look.

To conclude, I had a great time gorging on the sizzlers but would have loved if there were more options to choose from for the vegetarians. As for you folks, I recommend you to try these innovative sizzlers out before the time slips away. Cheers.

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