California Pizza Kitchen is a chain of restaurants that almost everyone is acquainted with due to their iconic Californian style Pizzas. I ...

Review: Pizza & Beer Carnival at California Pizza Kitchen

California Pizza Kitchen is a chain of restaurants that almost everyone is acquainted with due to their iconic Californian style Pizzas. I have already raved about their delicious Hollywood on your table menu which I had the opportunity of sampling back in March. Yet what does a foodie do when she gets a chance to go back to savour a new spread of curated pizzas available only for a limited time period? Well, grab it!

Last week I paid a visit to California Pizza Kitchen's outlet located in Phoenix Mills Compound, Lower Parel, to check out their awesomesauce pizzas drawing inspiration from cuisines all around the world, as a part of their ongoing Pizza & Beer Carnival (which, by the way, is on only till 19th October, so hurry up!). And to put it concisely, the efforts were worth it.

My Pizza & Beer evening started with the much loved Capriciossa Pizza which projects the flavours of Italy, continued with the delectable Brussels Pizza exuding essence of Belgium, of course, and ended with the lip-smacking Kasundi Paneer Pizza inspired from our Indian subcontinent; all devoured with my bottle of Corona hailing from Mexico.

Hey, but all you non-vegetarians have the option of ordering the stellar Cheeseburger Pizza which basically recreates a cheeseburger experience in a pizza! The non-vegetarian at the table swore by it, and although I didn't try it, the Cheeseburger pizza did manage to captivate my senses.

Personally, I loved the Kasundi Paneer Pizza. The thin crust topped generously with the trio of paneer, bell peppers and tomato marinated in Indian spices and garnished with coriander was an explosion of flavours in my mouth. The zing, the freshness and the richness offered by this pizza is what stole my heart.

My second favourite on the vegetarian section of the menu has to be the Capriciossa Pizza. It is again a thin crust pizza, but smothered with tomatoes and mozzarella cheese, studded with artichoke hearts, kalamata olives and mushrooms, and garnished with grated parmesan and basil. The Chef informed me that this is their best-seller; why wouldn't it be? This pizza is a personification of Italy.

The Brussels Pizza daubed with pesto marinara and topped with slices of mushroom, sundried tomato and sauteed spinach, although good in its own right was a tad bit sweet for me. In my opinion, if you don't like your pizzas being on the sweeter side you can give Brussels Pizza a miss.

Southwestern Burrito Pizza and the Beijing Style Veg Pizza are the other two options available in the vegetarian section of this special menu. For non-vegetarians, I'd recommend the Cheeseburger Pizza without any doubt, still feel free to explore the extensive menu sporting Fish & Chips Pizza, Sauerbraten Pizza and many more global flavours inspired pizzas.

The finale of the evening came in the form of the famed Red Velvet Cake and Chocolate Banana Cake. Both utterly exquisite and finished within seconds of arriving on the table!

Overall, the Pizzas & Beer Carnival gets a thumbs up from me. I am certainly wanting to go back and try the Southwestern Burrito Pizza. For all you lovely folks, all I can say is, go savour the delights before the festival ends on 19th October.

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