It is Sunday today, exactly seven days ago happened a weekend which I haven't gotten over by now! Let's just break down that week...

The Concert at Kala Ghoda Art Festival

It is Sunday today, exactly seven days ago happened a weekend which I haven't gotten over by now! Let's just break down that weekend into two parts, so that in this post I can talk about the amazing classical music concert that I attended, that musical concert which flagged the start of that lovely weekend.

My first proper classical concert it was, expecting a low turn out for it, I went at a time which I assumed would ensure me a front row seat at the Asiatic Library steps (the venue); approximately half an hour before the scheduled time of 6'o clock and boy! How long the queue was! Composed largely of 20s-something people, the excitement they contained for the gig radiated from their faces.

A long wait and finally the admission to the concert began and by the time I reached inside there were hardly and seats left! People had turned up in such massive numbers! A bit of adjustment on my part and some on the part of the people already seated freed up some space for me and hence, I managed to get a seat for the long yet beautiful musical journey ahead.

A click during the concert

The Khan Brothers i.e., Amaan and Ayaan Ali Khan, sons of legendary sarod player Ustad Amjad Ali khan started off the concert with an alluring composition called Raga Rageshwari, followed by a modified version of Rabindra Sangeet. They closed their set by playing a fusion of classical music styles of Northern and Southern India. An already spell-bounded crowd broke out in a standing applause. The request for an encore followed and the Khan Brothers happily played another composition, this time, the one composed by their Grandfather.

A concert definitely worth waiting for, I am glad that I didn't let lack of company affect my decision of attending this gig. And that brings me to a question which has been nagging me ever since people turned down my offer just by hearing the word "classical concert": Why are Indian youth ignorant towards and repulsed by "classical"? If you have a take on this, please feel free to comment below.

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1 comment:

  1. Because people have become Wanna Be's due to peer pressure.
    They will call classic music, dressing, movies 'uncool'. Everyone wants to be cool like Americans.

    So the final opinion, today's generation has become "WannaBe" thats it. Thankfully I am not! I love oldies from Lata, Kishore, Mukesh and guys


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