After an undeniably chilled out Day 1, this day was an ultimate test of patience. From getting into conflicts to standing at one place for ...

NH7 Weekender Dairies: Day 2

After an undeniably chilled out Day 1, this day was an ultimate test of patience. From getting into conflicts to standing at one place for hours, everything was done. And in its amidst, I was being constantly reminded- "The real work has just begun, kiddo". Skipping out on the details of the day, let me take you directly to the evening which boasted of two headlining acts in its kitty. The bands which I wanted to watch (Devoid, Scribe, Skindred and Textures) were all playing at my stage i.e. Bacardi Rock Arena. So yeah, I managed to listen all of them and watch the latter two.

Devoid's act signified the Barcadi stage coming into action and then the stage witnessed Scribe taking over it after Devoid. Unfortunately, I couldn't see these two Mumbai metal scene legends but the excitement from the audience did manage to seep past the barricades and reach me backstage. The mosh-pit, according to the people who were in it, was legendary as almost no one in the pit escaped it without taking back with them a physical memento of it (Yes, many broke there fingers!).

Soon, it was the time for the headlining acts to happen; back to back! First in the line were Skindred with their refreshing take on metal. This eight piece reggae-metal band from Wales, turned everyone in the audience a fan of their's; honestly, I saw never even imagined that other genres can complement metal instead of ruining the experience of listening to it. My favourite bit of their act was the Raining Blood riffs they threw in between.

Next in line were Textures whose performance was the most sought-after as it marked Jochem Jacobs last gig with the band. These Dutch metallers were the ones even I was longing to see in action from the time I came to know that they'd be playing for NH7 Weekender '13. I don't know any adjective that would do justice in describing the actual experience; the entire arena had gone crazy while Textures played, I was sitting there in a corner of the stage watching them headbang in a synchronized fashion and create music....all from a touching distance. That was the moment when nothing else crossed my mind, there wasn't any thought of my course selection gone wrong or of the massive sized books that needs to be studied in the span of two months. It was just the pure music entering my ears and the eyes witnessing a smashing performance along with an over-joyed audience.

Day 2: What a day it was! It did make me weary but the fruit of the struggle made me not complain, not even for a second. Time for some frozen moments of the Day 2...

Textures during their sound check

Textures during performance

The end

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