Hanging out with pals in likes of Mocha or Cafe Coffee Day, I always found myself stuck with the coffee section in the menu, particularly b...

A Saturday well spent at Philips Brew Camp

Hanging out with pals in likes of Mocha or Cafe Coffee Day, I always found myself stuck with the coffee section in the menu, particularly because even though I am a passionate foodie I have no knowledge beyond the famous cappuccinos and easy-to-get instant varieties. But I knew this would change the moment I came across the invitation for a Coffee tasting session to be hosted by Kalyan Karmakar (I have been an ardent follower of his blog since past two years, so yeah, I was super excited at this prospect)....

The first thing on the agenda was a coffee quiz which introduced me to the a bunch of coffee facts, one of which is that the most expensive coffee bean is the one eaten and excreted by Sumatran Cats (yikes!). Later after learning coffee 101 from Kalyan Karmakar, the attending bloggers were sorted into groups based on a question that interrogated how they drink coffee, which intended to reveal their food personality. I chose an option which hinted that I am interested in gourmet food and take my food seriously and I still can't stop wondering how accurate it is!

Moving forward, pairs were made of two to three bloggers who then sampled a certain coffee with different baked goods made with love by Aditi Juneja of Socially Foodie and commented on which delicacy complimented the assigned coffee. I was with Samina Patel and the coffee that we were served happened to be an Espresso. Honestly, espresso isn't something which I'd order, considering I like to savour my stuff instead of finishing it at one go. Also, my partner who is a coffee lover wasn't too happy when she saw the espresso in front of her. But towards the end of the coffee pairing session, although I didn't end up liking espresso, the hatred I had for it did subside.

So half way through the Brew Camp, I had become acquaint with the varieties of coffee but there was this nagging question- "How can I brew perfect coffee in  my house?". Yeah, as much as I loved the real deal I couldn't think of any way in which I could brew coffee in this coffee house manner within the confines of my kitchen and just then we bloggers were introduced to the amazing models of coffee machines by Philips recently introduced in the Indian market. These coffee machines offer features which result in a perfect brew everytime without any additional effort! And the cherry on the icing? One of them i.e. Poemia Espresso machine, is pretty affordable too. So yeah, if you love your coffee and want it perfect you surely need to check these babies out.

To conclude, Philips Brew Camp was a lovely event filled with amazing people and good coffee. After all, "Coffee and conversations" is something which we all associate coffee with.

The delicious baked goods by Aditi Juneja

My Espresso

A click during the coffee art session

Coffee beans received along with a box of chocolates!

P.S. A special thanks to Shweta Mehrotra for inviting me to this event which has changed the way I look at coffee now.

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  1. Aditi, am glad I came across your blog & particularly this topic. Coffee is something I love but cannot indulge in (due to acidity). And as you wondered even I did hiw to dish out that petfect frothy, bittery- sweet treat & u gave the answer too :)

  2. Thanks for your kind words and thanks for coming to the event. Loved reading your post. Cheers, kalyan


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