October is turning out to be the most hectic month of this year, a spot which only June had reign upon until October kicked in with all it&...

Redbull Tour bus: The Flagship Gig

October is turning out to be the most hectic month of this year, a spot which only June had reign upon until October kicked in with all it's might. It's just seven days into this month and I'm already overwhelmed by the workload. To be blamed, partly, is the internship. Although it's awesome and everything, as the main event NH7 Weekender is around the corner (18, 19 and 20th of October) it's getting all insane as we are pushing our limits. Plus, my exams have began! And as mentioned previously, I'm not enjoying the management course at all, hence basically I'm dragging myself to study for the sake of the huge amount of money which I have paid in the form of fees.

Now back to talking about this month, well, there are a lot of events lined up...which you'd come to know as the month unrolls. Just last Saturday, I was in for the Red Bull tour bus gig that happened bang opposite Marine Drive! Yes, what more in the world would I want? Favourite bands on a bus stage playing at a location overlook Marine Drive. And the best part? Um...I was working for it! Yep, I mentioned right, that I am interning currently. So as an assignment, a bunch on interns (including me) were working on the gig (I was at the box office). And honestly, working behind the scenes in so much more enriching than just witnessing a gig.

Frankly, I was worried that I might not be able to see anything going on inside (given that I was assigned to handle the box office) and yes, I did miss the opening bands (or in short I couldn't see anyone except The Dualist Inquiry (just the last track), Swarathma and Scribe) but, literally I didn't miss out on any 'gig' fun because my superior was kind enough to let me go in for the acts I wanted to catch after she saw me and my co-intern work super efficiently! Thank you! 

Overall, the gig got executed perfect- not a single glitch...and I can take a bit of credit here as I too was involved in behind the scenes work (Yay!). Well, this is one of the thing I like about gig production and management, that on successful happening of an event, you get that feeling that "yeah, even I was a part of it". I guess I have rambled a lot today, and even I'm tired speaking. I have put the pictures below, have a look...

The logo:

The logo


Backstage, the day before the gig.

Just a capture

The grounds the day before

The bus-stage the day before

Gig day:
The merchandise stall

The Dualist Enquiry in action

Swarathma onstage

Swarathma's lead vocalist

Scribe onstage

Scribe on fire! 

So this is all for the day, till the next take care.

P.S. I didn't take much of Scribe's pictures or videos as not headbanging to them would have been a wasted gig.
P.S.S. My neck is still hurting, thanks to the headbanging and the moshpit!

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