Lately I have been either tired or sick. And that explains the reason behind my absence. This prolonged break from blogging has rusted my c...

You being happy is your responsibility!

Lately I have been either tired or sick. And that explains the reason behind my absence. This prolonged break from blogging has rusted my creativity; I have stuff to talk about, yet I find myself lost when it comes to putting them in words. Losing this one super-power (yes, the power of blogging read-able things makes me feel special) has made me doubt my own potentials and turned me into just another passive human. Hence, I have decided to start blogging full-on again, by writing something everyday (or every alternate day) no matter how random it is.

These days, I'm trying to reflecting upon lyrics of a song which has been stuck in my head. I've heard somewhere that there are two types of people in this world; one who after listening to a song try to interpret the hell out of the lyrics and the other who just listen to the tune, and calls it a day. Well, I fall in the first half, yeah, I admit that shamelessly! As soon as I hear a song that strikes a chord within me, I'm already onto the lyrics analyzing part. But this song's lyrics....frankly, this isn't a new song for me; I have been listening to it since past few years! The track is "The Unforgiven" by Metallica. And the verses struck in my head goes like this:

"They dedicate their lives,
To running all of his
He tries to please them all
The bitter man he is

Throughout the life the same
He's battled constantly
This fight he cannot win.

A tired man they see,
no longer cares,
the old man then prepares,
to die regretfully.
That old man here is me."

These lines, folks, according to me, are brutally honest. Every single day in our life, from the moment to gain an understanding, rather than trying to make ourselves happy, we try to please everyone around which in turn makes us frustrated and bitter. Like when we enter the threshold of college-life where choosing a field is damn crucial, rather than listening to our own heart's call, we are forced to make a choice based upon which field is more "money-making" or "in-demand". Same thing continues all our life, until one day, when the life has already passed, we regret on the life choices!

Once John Lennon had stated that during his schooling-days, his teacher asked the students what they want to do when they grew up, other children named desirable professions like scientist, writer, and all, whereas John Lennon answered that he wants to be "happy" when he grew up. The teacher told him that he didn't understand what the class discussion was about, to which he answered that she didn't know what life is about.

Being free is being happy.

And my people, that's what life is about; being happy and content! No, I won't brag about how happy or content I am because that's not the truth. I, myself have been struggling with some stuff. That stuff being pursuing the wrong course in college! Management isn't a subject that interests me, and that I discovered after wasting three months of my life (I might end up wasting a year if I drop out, or worst, three years if I continue), a huge amount of money and by neglecting the opportunity of doing the right course! So you see, my life is kind-of messed up too but the key to happiness is patience and perseverance. And as I say: "Learn to be happy, at least for your own sake because no one gives a damn."....

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  1. i had heard somewhr a long time ago...being happy is like a glass of water....happiness is always within u like water in the glass...u become sad as and how happiness aka water falls out of the glass so it is our responsibility to keep the glass full and stay happy...
    totally agree with ur analysis part...awesome pot..:)

  2. Thanks Vaisakhi and I agree with you too, happiness surely is within us, it's how we see and make ourselves feel in a situation. :)


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