Being born in a Brahmin household, I was bought up within the rigid barricades of "religion". I grew up listening to the mytholo...

In the name of God

Being born in a Brahmin household, I was bought up within the rigid barricades of "religion". I grew up listening to the mythological tales and was constantly reminded that those events in the stories have actually occurred. I was made to "believe" that there is a God, who is the master of fate, that if you ask anything from him with a pure heart and good intentions, God would grant it to you. I never asked questions, just followed what I was asked to do, not because I truly believed in it but because, I didn't have a definite reason not to.

Perceptions started changing when I reached the age of fourteen, two year ago. As I got out from the cocoon of protected life, I encountered people with different mindsets and beliefs. I understood correctly how the world isn't just black or white. But due to the lack of a concrete reason for not believing, I continued assuming that there might be a God.

But, as an avid ponderer, I always questioned God's existence. And this thinking lead me to an answer that God is nothing but an abstract idea which is an essential factor in keeping people's hope alive. After I reached this conclusion, the feeling that I shouldn't dwell on this fake belief system overtook me. Since, then I have become an Atheist; no I don't worship Satan (as many people wrongly assume that being an atheist I do it), I just have stopped having faith in the abstract idea of God (or for that matter of fact even Satan) and with it have stopped indulging in activities relating to Him.

No, I'm not discouraging you from pursuing your faith, but what I wish to highlight is: Don't do things blindly in the name of God, instead use your senses and be afar from inhuman acts in the name of religion and God.

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  1. I am a firm believer of Islam, though I do not agree completely on what you said. But what you told about doing things blindly, yes, some people should just think.

  2. each his own right..
    well-written :)

  3. It's not a sin to be an atheist.It's a free world and we have our own rights to follow what is right to us. But, it becomes intolerable when, in the name of atheism, people denigrate other's religion and their rituals. Being a brahmin, I was once the victim of such vandalism.

  4. Everyone has their own belief about the existence of god. He is a universal supreme force which gives hopes to humans. Well written, Aditi!


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