After a long wait, I bought a camera yesterday. And to test it, I was all up for an adventure today. Yes, I had one too and that involved t...

Life is what we make of it

After a long wait, I bought a camera yesterday. And to test it, I was all up for an adventure today. Yes, I had one too and that involved travelling for 4.5 hours approximately, but all I realize is; I wasted that opportunity. How, you would wonder? Well, the story goes like this....

"A me, after a day out crashed on the sofa to watch reruns of one of her favourite shows, One Tree Hill. This day's rerun had that episode where Brook Davis realizes that the carefree-phase of a person's life is short-lived and is soon replaced by the responsibility-shouldering adult life. She skips an opportunity of getting her designer label showcased and instead goes to attends her last cheer-leading tournament, which she enjoys to the fullest. Discontent with the day's event, I quickly absorbed that message in and started analyzing: Why didn't I enjoy to my fullest? Soon I got the answer to this nagging question and that is; I was busy clicking, so busy that I didn't even spared a moment to look away from the viewfinder and enjoy the beauty or even enjoy! Hence, all my efforts went in vain."

This is not the only instance, from past few weeks I don't feel like blogging also. Basically, because lately I have been blogging to either participate in various blogging contests or review random freebies that I snag on the basis of my blog. I haven't been 100% true to myself in this process and now the discontent has grown so much over me that I am trying to dodge things and my blog. Blogging is an integral part of my life, it allows me share a piece of my mind, something which I'd rather preserve in the real world because no one really gives a damn! Some great friends I have at this point of time is all due to blogging. I don't feel good at all after betraying this platform.

Plus, I've also learned today that I shouldn't hurry into growing-up (All thanks to One Tree Hill). Mainly, because I should enjoy this phase of my life instead of worrying about random stuff in a grown-up fashion and turning the inside of my head into a tension-pit. There are just a handful of years left, after that I'll be working and have a grown-up's life. Also honestly, I don't want to grow old thinking of stuff I could have done and repent things. The three years of college life I have on my hand; no matter to which college I go, or which major I choose, I have today made myself a promise to enjoy it to the fullest rather than over-criticize stuff and sadden myself in the process.

Before I conclude this post, I might as well say "Cheers" to the new improved me (*winks*). So till next folks, take care.

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