"Are you trying to lose weight?" were the words my friend spoke. That triggered my thought process and I instantly began analyzin...

Slim doesn't always mean fit!

"Are you trying to lose weight?" were the words my friend spoke. That triggered my thought process and I instantly began analyzing the true definition of the word "exercise". If I go by what the Oxford dictionary claims to be the real meaning; exercise is just doing some physical activity. But what my friend interpreted after seeing me jog seemed like 'losing weight' and 'exercise' are synonyms! At that point I didn't ponder much on it and limited my thoughts. Soon, I told an another friend about how I have been running some miles daily to prevent vacation blues and she said, "Woah, that's too much. You are thin enough, then what is the need?". And it provoked me again to contemplate on this issue.

Frankly, I am fed up of this attitude of masses, mostly they think that a person exercises only when he or she needs to lose weight! Seriously?! To be honest, I have been involved in different sporting activities since my childhood; football, cricket, basketball, athletics.....you name it and I have played it at some level or other. Hence, fitness has become a way of life, not an option. It's more like a way to replenish myself with a new vigour and release all the pent up frustration. So, the mentality of people that "you exercise only when you need to lose weight" seems absurd to me.

After giving that question a good consideration, I figured out that in our society exercising has been permanently linked to over-weight people and thus, this perspective is prevalent! Maybe this is why more and more people are leading a sedentary lifestyle, today, as they are of a mindset that if they are thin they are fit enough. And this is what irks me the most, the comparison of a slim person with a fit person. Why can't we say "Hey, you are so fit" instead of "Hey, you look so slim"? Well, now I shall leave it onto you to reflect on it....

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  1. I agree... all thru my childhood I was underweight no matter what I ate, I got to gorge during my teenage and early twenties, but after mid twenties, all the calorie-karma caught up with me, and I had to learn to burn them. Although I'm not as slim as I used to be, I'm so much stronger and fitter now, and I like being this way!

  2. Yeah it happens... exercise and losing weight have become synonymous to each other.. although that ain't always reality


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