Saturday happens to be my most favourite day of the week; mainly because it has got a fine balance of work and play, and also the day whi...

A day to remember....

Saturday happens to be my most favourite day of the week; mainly because it has got a fine balance of work and play, and also the day which proceeds it is Sunday. Everyone's idea of a perfect day varies, and in my case, it depends upon my situation and mood. Last week, due to the forthcoming Board exams, I had started to feel quite bored and fed up from the everyday monotony. All I needed was a good break, with people around! Hence, when a blogger's meet was announced, I didn't let the opportunity pass by.

Meeting like minded-bloggers, singing a medley of my favourite metal and rock songs on the top of my voice, getting tonnes of pictures taken, and a lot more was what I did last Saturday. And the entire credit for my awesome Saturday goes to the one and only, Indiblogger who in association with HP and Otto Infinito, a Mediterranean restaurant, organized the HP connected music meet on Saturday, 16th February 2013.

About Indimeets, one can never say; "Been there, done that" because every Indiblogger meet is different. And as a veteran of four meets, I assure you that. This meet too, was distinct. It had a very casual and relaxing feel that made the bloggers feel at ease instantly as they entered the venue, mostly because of the warm welcome by the Inditeam, the location, Otto Infinito's soothing ambiance (that fueled our appetites at the same time) and the pleasantly windy February day. If you ever visit Otto Infinito, I highly recommend you to have your meal in the al fresco dining area.

Interior of the restaurant. Pic courtesy

This time, as opposed to the past meets, the introductory session was too interactive and fun-filled. We bloggers wandered from one corner of the restaurant to the other, introducing ourselves to as many people as we could in the given time frame. It was lovely!

Soon we were told about HP connected music application and explain about it's specification in detail. According to me, the idea is fantastic. And you too would appreciate it, if currently you struggle to find songs you want with a good sound quality (Yes, metal songs in good quality are really tough to get!). I tried the app on the spot and its really great! But it has a lot of drawback too. The biggest shortcoming is that one must have a laptop from HP's collection which supports this app, any other laptop won't do, not even if it is HP's! Arrghhh, only if I had the required gizmo.

The food followed the demo. I can't really comment on the food because not much was on offer but, on the basis of what was there; the food is made from fresh ingredients and tastes delicious. The veggies and the cottage cheese (paneer) on the skewers were so juicy and decadent! The vegan ravioli was good too and so was the lemon cooler, which for me had the right amount of citrus-y punch.

A try at food photography

See the juices on the right side!
Before calling it a day, blogger were divided into group on the basis of their music choices and the groups were asked to sing! Being a headbanger, it was natural for me to be in the metalhead's group which was named "Bottoms up and straight to hell" (wait, a song with this name would be great, wouldn't it be?). And now you know why I vaguely mentioned singing in the starting paragraphs. Unfortunately we didn't win, but all of us had a wonderful time.

Unluckily I missed the group shot
Overall the day was fun, I finally got a blogger's group (and a Indiblogger's T-shirt that fits a petite me very well). I can't thank Indiblogger enough for this. Anyways, my time for the day is up, so till next take care and see ya soon.

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  1. Nice Blog Aditi. It was wonderful event with lot of ecstasy everywhere. Thanks for sharing your experience .

    Travel India

  2. It was indeed a great event. Looking forward to c at the TOI Indiblogger meet.

    Neha Sharma


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