It has been quite a long time since I wrote anything sensible. Now-a-days my post usually describe "What-I-did". This time, unlik...

Guidelines for a better 2013

It has been quite a long time since I wrote anything sensible. Now-a-days my post usually describe "What-I-did". This time, unlike 2011, I didn't do a wrap up post for the year 2012 because of two reasons- First, I was sick last week and second, everything is already documented here by the way of blog-posts, so I felt no need to write an another post describing my 2012. But this doesn't mean I'm not grateful for the lovely year; 2012 happens to be among the best years of my life (well, you can certainly figure out by the stuff I did last year!). Today is the first day of new year 2013 and rather than reviving the glorious 2012, I want to remind myself of a few guidelines that helped me enjoy the past year completely:

#1. Day-dream and make realistic plans 
Unless you dream of something, you won't think of making that thing happen! But again, dreaming of unrealistic things will get you nowhere. To be frank, I day-dreamed of being a pat of a flash-mob in 2011 and see the miracle of sweet Lord, I lived my dream in 2012!

#2. Listen to your gut feeling, always
No matter what people tell you, always listen to your gut feeling and what you really want to do in a particular situation or any other thing. Because, your gut feeling is forever correct!

#3. Do not rely on others to make decisions for you
You know yourself better than any other person around you, and thus you know what is right and wrong for you, on the basis of your own personal principles. Letting others make decisions for you will only make you curse them later if anything goes wrong.

#4. Though not completely safe, it's okay to take a risk sometimes This is what distinguishes successful from average! When you steer clear a prospect only because it is risky, you push yourself in a well from where you will continue to ask yourself throughout your life- "What IF I had taken the risk?".

#5. It is okay even if you are a bit offbeat
We live in a world where everyone is constantly being criticized for one thing or the another! Still, it is okay to be different, it is okay to be you, it is okay to not be mainstream. But this come only if you love yourself, so never stop doing that.

P.S. Also I crossed off 'Picnicking at Hanging Gardens' off my to-do yesterday, oh yeah! I tried my hands at photographing 'nature', but all thanks to my 2 megapixels mobile camera, the outcome wasn't great.

P. P. S. A very happy and prosperous new year to all of you.

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