There are certain situations in which a person lose the control over self, takes rash decisions and does things which is later realized as ...

It's life dearie, you need to make decisions!

There are certain situations in which a person lose the control over self, takes rash decisions and does things which is later realized as as mistake. I'm talking about anger here. Different people react in a different manner when they lose their temper- some abuse other, whereas some break-down and some end-up doing things which they regret later. Of what I experience last week; one should never let anger dominate their behavior and turn into some sort-of monster! Because this emotion called "anger" doesn't do anything good but only cause destruction- of relationships, of character, of morals and values.

I do agree that a person can never fully have control over anger and the ability to suppress it completely. And this is where channelizing the negative energy comes into play; doing something which calms and relaxes you is a sure way to achieve that goal. To be frank with you all, I too have anger issues. Anger has the ability to shatter my otherwise happy facade. Since the past year, I've noticed that the way I behave when provoked has changed altogether. Maybe this has got to do with me getting into Heavy Metal genre. By the way, I prefer the new me when it comes to handling provoking situation because now I deal with situation with an open and cool mind, unlike before.

Anyways, tomorrow I'm skipping my English Oral exams and going on a field trip (more on that tomorrow) organized by college itself, but for other stream students (to be specific, Arts). The way these events unfolded has been truly dramatic:
Attending Economic lecture in a class with not more than four people, few days ago, I didn't expect anything extra-ordinary, or for that matter of fact, even unusual to happen. Suddenly, my Economics lecturer bursting with joy asked everyone in the lecture that day (ha, only four!) to join the field trip. I admit, I was awe-struck because of how much knowledge I have gathered about my college, St. Andrew's has had stopped taking students out on field-trips. But this happiness soon turned into a dilemma after I discovered that the day of this field-trip and my English Oral exams clashes! Nevertheless, the teacher who is supposed to be taking my  English exam is my class teacher and she agreed to re-schedule my exam, so now I can give it later. Despite of that, I'm feeling under the weather due to the 'clash-clash' thingy. But as they say "Go with the flow", now all I'm hoping for is that everything goes well; the field trip and my exam.

Sneak-peak of the carrot cake
On a lighter note, I again made a cake today; an eggless and butter-less carrot cake. I had been searching for a good recipe since almost a year and finally one landed up in my inbox! I followed the perfect recipe with a slight modification. The results were great, the cake appropriately moist and super light. More about it in an another post, just hope it's soon because as of now I need to leave. So till next see ya' soon.

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