"Hey how about going to the museum?" asked I in an enthusiastic tone to a college buddy, "No, I am willing to spend my time...

"Explore the world while you still can"

"Hey how about going to the museum?" asked I in an enthusiastic tone to a college buddy,
"No, I am willing to spend my time at home" came back the reply,
"C'mon it's just 2'o clock!" I said trying to get her interested into the scheme,
and then the usual excuse was employed by her that lead to the end of the conversation: "I have a test tomorrow, in classes".

Well, this is what usually happens with me, or for that matter of fact, with every enthusiastic person out there who is willing to explore the world around with some company. Yes it is true that nothing is as sweet than Home, a place where we sleep and can freely express ourselves in any sort of way (Yes, I'm referring to that Housing loan advertisement here). But again, the creator of this world or maybe nature, has created a natural habit for us called fondly as "Planet Earth" and we Humans created a four-walled box which we prefer calling as 'home' (After all, it has become a necessity). Nothing wrong ,I say, in that. The 'home' obsession grew, so did the property rates, and along with it grew people's desire to become a couch-potato by stay in the house all day long.

Now tell me, which resident of a house has no idea about the house he or she lives in? No one! The person has the exact knowledge of where the rooms are and all. But do you have the same kind-of knowledge about the city you live in, or state, or country?! Even the city, state and country you live in is your home, why not have a complete knowledge about it? Why not have a zeal to know about it in the same way you are eager to know how many rooms your prospective home has? Why not have a tendency to keep it clean in the same way you like your house to be?

I won't be going too deep and giving you a lecture of some sorts, but I do want to tell you an aspect of a certain story, a story which you all are pretty much acquaint with, and the story is of  Adam and Eve's...
"You all know that God created a big garden in which Adam and Eve were supposed to reside. God didn't create some sort of box (I mean apartment or a bungalow here) to trap them in, so as to enable them to 'live' the beauty of that garden!"

Nature as well as man has bestowed upon humans so many wonders; to see, to feel and to explore! I'm not saying here to stop living in a concrete house or something like that but, to see the world and learn more about it when you still can rather than spending all your life inside four walls of a house watching nothing except a television. I don't want you to remember any of the stuff I said all this while but to take only one thing from here: "Explore the world while you still can".

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