Argghh, exams! Due to these exams which are taking forever to finish off, my to-read novels have been replaced by the course books. The bo...

Book Review- The Krishna Key by Ashwin Sanghi

Argghh, exams! Due to these exams which are taking forever to finish off, my to-read novels have been replaced by the course books. The book "The Krishna Key" which I was supposed to read and review within a week after receiving it took me around a month (approximately) to be done with. During my train travels I saw a lot of people reading this book and that made me more desperate everytime. I'm glad it somehow got completed because it seemed like an impossible task amidst this exam's humdrum.

Enough said, now onto the review. So, the first thing I did after receiving it in the mail was reading the short summary on the back-cover (a thing which I supposedly do with ever book). The summary confused me a bit, confused in a good way. Because, since childhood I have been watching, listening and reading all the mythological stories and the story of Lord Krishna happens to be the one I have watched, listened and read pretty much a lot. The book, through its small summary seemed fascinating!

Okay, I have already told you about what to expect inside so I'm not gonna spill all the beans here and tell you about the story because then, it will be a plot spoiler for you. The main essence of this book is in it's twists and turns which are damn engrossing. At first, unlike most of the novels, it doesn't take much time to woo your sense and pull you in it. Hence, once you start reading "The Krishna Key" its really hard to put that book down and draw away from the after-thoughts (Now you know why I avoided reading this book before the commencement of my exams). Also, the book uses many images to explain and illustrate the intricate details within the story, without which, I felt the book would certainly lack the charm and which again is a brownie-point.

The summary on the back cover
On the bottom line, the book is a fantastic work by its author Ashwin Sanghi. He has blended the mythological story of Lord Krishna i.e. the past effortlessly with the present and in such a way that enthralls your senses, there is not a single dull moment in the entire book. Everything is relevant and somehow interrelated. What I like about this book is; the drama isn't over the top (a thing which is peculiar about mystery-fictions).

Out of 5, I'd give this book a generous 4. The author has done a really good job and researched a lot (check out the acknowledgements list at the back!). And yes, for the people who think that this book would turn out 'preachy-preachy' sorts, you are wrong! It is not at all about Lord Krishna's life et al but a really good mystery-fiction that has got the best of both the worlds. A must try in my opinion...

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  1. Ashwin Sanghi has overdone it this time. I read Chanakya Chant, liked the concept and got this book. But boy was I disappointed! Its a vain attempt to write an Indian Da Vinci code.The book can be summarized in one line. Every thing in the world is related to every other thing ( as per his convenience of course) and they all have their roots in India.

    Characters lines are flawed. Everybody goes the roundabout way perform simple tasks, thereby ending up only complicating the story. It seemed like twists had to be force fed to make it a "thrilling novel.


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