Woah, it has been too long since I wrote! I'm super sorry about that fact, actually I was busy finishing up the book about which I talk...

Life Lesson: Be optimistic, always!

Woah, it has been too long since I wrote! I'm super sorry about that fact, actually I was busy finishing up the book about which I talked in my last post. Updates? Okay, even after devoting a good slice of my free time into reading it, I have managed to complete only 3/4th of the book. I hope it gets done by the next week.

Anyways, I have something to share, a story and it goes like this...
"A milkman, deeply influenced by Gautama Buddha insisted that Buddha visit him and share his nuggets of wisdom. In lieu of this, this milkman offered to present milk to Buddha. Buddha agreed. In the evening when Buddha set out to visit the milkman, he took with a the container in which he intentionally put some mud. The milkman took the container but just as he was about to pour milk into it, he realized that the container had some impurity in it. So he cleansed it and removed all the impurities. He then Poured the milk into it and gave it to the Buddha.
Upon receiving the container, the Buddha got up leave. Surprised, the milkman asked him why was he leaving before imparting any wisdom. The Buddha replied that he just had. He explained to the milkman that mind is similar to the container and thoughts that preoccupy us is similar to the impurities he found in the container."
This story was featured in The Speaking Tree, a Times of India column. Although, the story is very enlightening, I have my own conclusion. According to me, the impurities are not all thoughts that occupy the mind but only those which are discouraging or are negative. Pessimistic thoughts are the once which needs to be kept at bay. When I was in school, I'll tell you frankly, I was always uncertain about stuff because in my mind I used to think about the possible negative outcomes more, like; what if the event is cancelled? what if I'm lost? and so on. But once I came in college and started looking always at the bright-side, I lost that "negative thoughts" thingy and began enjoying more than worrying. Now that nagging feeling no longer weighs me down; So what if the event is cancelled, I'll come home or roam around. Simple!

So the bottom-line here is: Negative thoughts and a negative attitude never did any good to anyone. You have got one life, keep negativity at bay and think positive always to enrich your days.

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  1. Lovely message. People with negativity around them are such a pain to hang out with as well. I despise such people!

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