Okay, the news of our I.T. teacher resigning came out unexpectedly as a huge shock! It felt as if we were stuck by a bolt of lightening; al...

When saying Goodbye is the only choice...

Okay, the news of our I.T. teacher resigning came out unexpectedly as a huge shock! It felt as if we were stuck by a bolt of lightening; all of us were numb, not knowing how to react to the unforeseen outbreak of the news. At first we didn't believed our ears, but then all of us slowly digested the fact and started planning for 'The Goodbye'. We contributed, bought a cake, made cards and wrote goodbye notes in it. Eventually tonnes of class pictures were taken and tears were shed too. Yeah, goodbyes are never sweet.

To many the entire concept of throwing a farewell party for a teacher may sound cliche, you'd argue that teachers change every academic year, but folks we I.T. batch people share a special bond with our teacher because along with being a teacher; she has been a guide, a motivator and a friend to us (yeah, she is a youth and not the regular old teacher you generally encounter in a college). And bidding a farewell to her didn't come easily to us. But as wise people say "Change is the rite of life" and "Whatever happens, is for good" hence, I'm not complaining. Just because we miss her, we can't stop her form pursuing her dreams and ambitions. Hai na?

Last moments spent in togetherness 
Also, all of sudden the feeling I harbor for my class has strengthened tremendously. First the outing with half of my division, which felt like some sort of picnic, in the form of a flash mob at Girgaum Chowpatty and now with the farewell party, we I.T. students of division A collectively organized, for our beloved I.T. ma'am. Almost the entire FYJC year, I kept agonizing over the fact that I got stuck in a class-full of people with 'don't-care-a-damn-for-anything' attitude. But whatever has happened till now, since the dawn of this academic year, has changed my perceptions and opinions altogether!

Arrgghh, I can't stop being really emotional while I type this post, I can't help myself to stop flipping through the subject notes ma'am gave repeatedly and breaking out everytime. So on the closing note, I once again wish Sneha ma'am all the best for everything destiny has in store for her.

P.S. I forgot to mention that alongside the farewell for our I.T. teacher, we also celebrate our O.C. teacher, Bosco Sir's birthday! 

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  1. will miss her..
    nice post aditi!

  2. loved ure post,,, nice picture!! We have to accept nothing stays permanent. U'll find a good one :)


  3. Replies
    1. Lol no, the female wearing blue top in the center is our teacher! :D


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