#1. Do not let an opportunity pass by When I was around 11years old,  I read a story in Tinkle; about a boy who always complaint that life...

Life is all about learning, isn't it?

#1. Do not let an opportunity pass by
When I was around 11years old,  I read a story in Tinkle; about a boy who always complaint that life is mean to him, that he didn't get any chance to prove his mettle and worth but actually, he never utilized the opportunity life always present before him. The point I'm trying to make here is, don't turn a blind-eye to a chance! Because some are once-in-a-lifetime kinda and you can't do anything except agonize after it has slipped away from your clutches. So take my advice folks, grab the opportunities that you come across.

#2. It's okay to attempt something by yourself
Sometimes what interests you might not tempt your friends or companions, you might be super-keen onto doing it but they might not even give a damn about it! Here, just because your friends aren't there to back you shouldn't mean that you need to give upon the thing you have your heart set on. I learnt this on Saturday; I desperately wanted to attend Malhar, an annual inter-collegiate fest organized by St. Xavier's College, friends I planned to go with backed out at the last minute and I felt stranded, yet I was dead set on attending it (although I was in a doubt that what fun I'll have if I go alone) and eventually did had a great time there.
Yay, Marine Drive!

#3. Standing up for something you care about is worth the effort
This is a thing which I wish I had put to practice a bit earlier in life. Standing up for your values, ideology and most importantly SELF, is imperial for your identity. Especially in places where there is a definite risk of losing yourself in the crowd. The differing attitude you posses is what makes you special, so learn to embrace it!

#4. Be open to change, it's a part of life
Change is at every step in life. You yourself change a bit everyday! And it is not at all that bad you make it appear. Yeah, when there is a sudden change you will surely feel like cribbing and whining, but remember 'Change is what keeps Humans away from getting bored'.  The transition from school-life to college-life wasn't easy for me, but it did bring amazing experiences along! Had I been resistant to the change, I would have missed up on encountering life changing stuff.

#5. Sometimes things don not turn up the way you imagined
Okay, I have a confession to make here; I am a day-dreamer, be it while walking on the roads or even during lectures, I have all made-up stories running through my mind. This tendency to building castles in air have always cost me a 'heart-break'. Hence I have learnt that quite a few times things turn up the way you imagined (only when your dreams are realistic) but most of the time they are completely different from your fantasies. It is just that you need to stop dwelling on impractical expectations and move on when your assumptions go awry.

So basically, this is a half-yearly report of the wisdom I have gained this year, clumped together in a single post. Hey, it is too late now I better rush, hope to see ya guys soon till then take care.

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  1. I'm struggling with #3 for now and it is bound to continue.. :(
    Hope I can overcome it when time needs me to!
    Great Guidelines btw :)

    ❤Not Just My Allegories❤

    1. Yeah I know that #3 is quiet hard to implement in today's world, but trust me you'd feel complete when you start practicing it. :)


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