I know it has been too long since, I wrote something sensible. This academic year is the one whom you should blame this time, not me, becau...

The winner in you just got discovered!

I know it has been too long since, I wrote something sensible. This academic year is the one whom you should blame this time, not me, because even though I'm willing to write, a mountain of college-work stands tall in front of me! Yep, I'm in a good mood today, the reason being; unexpected extensions. Okay, this needs to be explained in detail now: Well, last week a project on rainwater harvesting, an assignment from Accounts and preparation of an advertising script (along with miscellaneous homework) was bombarded on me as well as on my classmates. And we were supposed to submit all these by tomorrow i.e. this week's Friday. You guys are pretty much aware of my deadly habit of procrastination, hence, I kept putting off stuff and eventually, I realized the trouble which I had knowingly invited onto me. Thus, this week was dead tiring! It's a miracle in itself that how did I make through (Man, I just get Sunday off in a week!).

Overall, I understood the importance of having faith in something (or should I say God?) and believing in self. Most of the time we see people cribbing about how much unworthy they are, or thinking that they can't do a particular task. I admit, that the fear of failure spares no one, not even me! But people, if you don't try how can you say that you didn't had the potential in yourself? I once read this quote somewhere; "Winners never quit and quitters never win". From the day this great line got embedded into my system, the moment a new challenge erupts in my path, I repeat this quote of myself and start working towards winning! I remember the first time I tried to run my 1500m race during my school days, there were 20 other girls who too had began the race with me, halfway through the race I felt like I wouldn't be able to carry on but then reminded myself "Winners never quit and quitters never win" and kept going. When the race came to an end, I secured 4th position overall in the race and discovered that out of 20 others who had began only 5 made through and rest called it a quit in between. You would say that securing 4th place out of 5 is no big deal, but my fellas, achieving something which I thought I couldn't was a big deal! And now, long distance running is not a horror task for me. 

The point of me telling my story to you is; if something is intimidating, although quitting is easy and going on and conquering that intimidating stuff is hard but, it helps you to realize your potential! As they say "You never know until you try". Uh oh, it's well into night and I have college tomorrow, so all you guys take care and see ya soon. Till then, keep believing. 

P.S. I spotted a rabbit in my housing society's garden a few weeks ago. Sheer luck? Yeah!

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