It was exactly this day last week, Friday. Anticipating a quick end to the long instructional day at college, I sprung up from my seat as s...

The day the Mumbai locals stopped

It was exactly this day last week, Friday. Anticipating a quick end to the long instructional day at college, I sprung up from my seat as soon as the news of the day wrapping up early entered my ears. Later did I discover the reason; Motorman strike! You expect a normal person to panic in a situation like this, but me, I was overjoyed because this made me feel like a true Mumbaikar. The idea of witnessing and making my way  through a troublesome situation seemed a great adventure.

The grave situation at Churchgate Station
Coolly, I reached station and the scene hit hard my day-dream; there were hardly any trains and the trains which plied were terribly jam-packed! I was willing to spend some more time at the station and figure out the best suited plan which would help me over come the catastrophe. Alas! I was deprived of this pleasure by the group of people I sit with at college. Their rush lead me to board a bus, till Borivali, which is two stations before my area.

You won't believe my saga; I got into the bus at 5'o clock, secured a window seat and was ready to be ferried to the end destination but, BUT, I reached the last stop at 9'o clock! Reason being the terrible traffic at S.V. Road due to which we were stuck in Andheri for over two hours. The journey wasn't a pain for me, mainly because I had fetched myself a window seat. But, I seriously empathize a lot for people who stood the entire journey.

Wait, my tale is not over yet. As the bus was Borivali bound, me and another girl were discussing what we can possible do to reach Mira Road. Then suddenly came the news of locals being back on track, imagine the joy of people! A really helpful guy sitting on the seat front of mine suggested me to board a Bhayandar-bound Borivali local. Although at first, I took him casually and thought that lets see what happens, but his advice proved to be really great for me (P.S. I hope I bump into that person soon, I need to say thanks!). Thus, after the entire chaos (which interesting was exciting for me), I reached home at 10.15pm and discovered that I could have reached home quicker by other options available. 

On the bottom-line, I felt a part of Mumbai in true sense that day. I felt as if my life came to a stand-still and was out of balance because the locals stopped! But on the bright-side, the spirit of Mumbai came alive yet again.

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  1. The spirit of Mumbai came alive yet again - that, to me, is the lure and magic of the city. Out on the streets 95% of the people are decent and helpful.


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