"Serenity is not peace after the storm has passes, but peace within the storm itself". This is the feeling you (or should I say...

So you think you can limit my love for Marine Drive?

"Serenity is not peace after the storm has passes, but peace within the storm itself".
This is the feeling you (or should I say I?) get whilst at Marine Drive. Yes, I went there today after a few months and I gotta admit folks; the more you try to suppress your love, the more it ends up engulfing you. "Love", a word which in today's era you hear 100s of times in a day. What is it? Who first got this feeling? How? Why this world has gone gaga over this simple four-lettered-word? Blah, I'm getting mushy again!

Hmm, so where was I? Yeah, Marine Drive! I have already criticized Indian summers beforehand; how unsuitable they are for taking a trip somewhere. And me, being a person who loves to walk a lot when discovering new places, I hate the summers because of this wrath. But today's day was a bit different...

It was 11.00am in the morning and I was fast asleep, the annoying 'Nokia Tune' woke me up from my deep slumber. It was a call from a friend, she asked me whether I'd accompany her to Bandra as she had to shop some stuff but me, after being let down by another friend yesterday, I put forth a condition that I'd come only if we go to Marine Drive after she is done with her stuff. She helplessly accepted my weird condition. So battling the skin scalding heat, I set out on the 'sweat inducing' journey. First to Bandra, where my friend shopped for her goodies and then to Charni Road as per my preference. 

By the time we reached Marine Drive, the day was well into evening. Hence, the sun wasn't right on the top of our heads. The breeze was gentle, the atmosphere was calm as everyday and the overall environment made for a perfect evening. Time just seemed to have sprinted, as I was sitting on the promenade for nearly an hour and still I felt I had just arrived there! At last, my friend forced me outta there and then we had a cool walk on the adjoining beach; Girgaum Chowpatty.

Overall the day, with its scorching heat, pleased me (You guessed it right, just because of an hour at Marine Drive). And now, I admit I'm too tired to keep on typing! So, you guys better enjoy the pics :D (I'm gonna add more soon)....

At Girgaum Chowpatty

One more from the beach

Pic taken whilst enjoying the breeze at Marine Drive

Lovely pic, ain't it? :D
So people, didn't my infectious love for Marine Drive infected you too? Do tell me in the comments below and till next post; see ya...

P.S. This post along with being a memoir is an entry for Lakme's competition organized by Indiblogger. Hence, the friend I mentioned can be assumed to be Kyra.

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  1. Marine Drive is a sooo serene and beautiful :D .. Every time I go there in the evenings or early morning, I'm filled with thoughts and somehow a smile always comes to my face.

    Lovely. Just noticed you're gonna be attending the Indiblogger meet. Hope to see you there! :D

    1. That's cool, it will be lovely meeting you :)


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