Alright, before I start narrating the awesomeness this day brought along; I'd love to thank IndiBlogger for organizing Stayfree Women&#...

An event of lifetime: Bloggers meet at Trident, BKC

Alright, before I start narrating the awesomeness this day brought along; I'd love to thank IndiBlogger for organizing Stayfree Women's for change meet in association with Stayfree India and UNICEF from the bottom of my heart. Moreover, I'm already looking forward to my next meet.

I read somewhere on the internet "Don't be timid or squeamish about your actions, whole life is about experimenting with new things", and the moment I learned about a Blogger's meet happening in my hometown Mumbai, I knew I must attend the event. The fact that the venue of the meet was Trident Hotel, Bandra helped my case immensely (You know my college is in Bandra itself, so I happen to be quiet acquaint with Bandra. Hence, convincing my parents wasn't a pain).

The day started with a high note; a late-to-rise person, I sprang upright as soon as the alarm's ring hit my ears. Not anticipating or expecting anything extraordinary I started prepping up myself from the day (Mainly because I have a tendency to build castles in air and when those castles collapse, mind you, it really pains). Actually, I was more worried about making to the venue on time rather than what shall probably happen there!

Overall the whole event was mind-blowing and arranged  perfectly. And I meet a lot of wonderful people which helped stupendously in expanding my horizon and motivated me to keep blogging. Among the astounding bloggers I met today are; Vineeta of Blogwati Gee (who also happens to be an alumni of my college!), Ameena of FashionopolisFirefly, Devashri Birari of TechCoWaves (She came all the way from Nasik to attend the meet!), Nirali Naik of Awesome since '92, Shreya of Confused soul, BlahBlaholic, Anna John of From Anna's Desk,Sarika Chowdhary Sharma of Creating Artistically and many more!

What really moved me was the agenda and message the meet tried to convey; it made me realize the power I, as a blogger possess and the contribution I can make towards the society by this channel (I might write about it in detail soon).

Also, I took tonnes of pictures with my fellow blogger pals, but the major problem is lack of clarity in most of those photos as a 2mp mobile camera was used for it (What else can you expect from a mobile camera?!). Hence, the visual action from my side isn't sufficient. But don't feel dejected people, you can watch the video of the entire event here! Have fun.

Venue: Golconda Ballroom of the Trident, BKC

The perfect high tea!

A view of Sealink whilst in Taxi

Girgaum chowpatty's pic from Marine Drive
P.S. I went to Marine Drive after the meet (Can't help it, I'm super smitten by Marine Drive).

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  1. Oiii it was awesome meeting you too babe. You're a very talented person..Keep up the awesome writing :)

    1. Thanks, and it was a pleasure meeting you too :)


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