Just yesterday I landed upon an article on Time Of India website mentioning a claim by the Chief minister of Bihar, Nitish Kumar which cle...

Children of the same womb but divided by States- Time to change

Just yesterday I landed upon an article on Time Of India website mentioning a claim by the Chief minister of Bihar, Nitish Kumar which clearly comes off as a political gimmick to garner votes. I didn't take that article too serious and scrolled down the page to see the comments made by the masses on that article. To my horror, what I came across stunned me; People were disgracing Biharis and talked about throwing them out of their respective states! What made it worse was it were 'educated' people who talked such rubbish. 

As mentioned in the constitution of India; India is a secular country granting the freedom of movement to it's citizens. But the way in which my country fellows were bad mouthing their own countrymen made me furious. Racism prevailing towards Indians in another nation can be understood, however, racism amongst Indians itself is a fact which actually makes me ashamed of my country and that too just because of some stupid politician's politics makes the whole thing seem awful!

Well, my folks before pointing towards and hating your own countrymen, remember the fact that the Indian soldiers fighting on the border of our country lay down their lives to protect "India" not just a single state. And yes, just have a read through this article pointing out our country's flaws effortlessly. If you felt anything for your country after reading that backlash on India, continue to call yourself an Indian. Please stop this prejudices based upon state, before coming off as a Punjabi or Gujrati or Maharashtrian, to the world you are an Indian. Stop getting carried away by these politicians say, you know the age-old adage "United we stand, divided we fall". India will be a superpower one day only if all its citizen will put in collective effort.

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  1. you know the weird part of this post ???
    theres nothin mentioned about stayfree
    i proabaly anted to read this and find out something on periods :P
    jokes apart nice one again keep goin on
    sorry ha if you found it offensive

    1. No actually, while I was writing this post I happened to come across a contest by Stayfree India. So as per the rules I had to insert a pic and a link of Stayfree's. Understood? :P

  2. I saw those comments and was surprised too. Fact is, poverty makes people (from anywhere in the world) do things they don't want to. The next time it becomes easier. Hopefully this isn't an excuse for stealing or being dirty by anyone, anywhere.

  3. I too agree with you.
    P.S. I checked out your blog, its fabulous :)

  4. I found your blog via indiblogger.in. I find the posts to be very good. They are what I try my blog to be: personal experiences, yet informative. I suppose all blogs try that but yours does it better than others.
    I have added you to my Reading List, and clicked on your ad (I know that is important to AdSense members).
    Keep on blogging!

  5. very concerned point raised. it is due to these politicians that we see fights and discriminations.


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