It's the Valentine's Day today, just another reason for people to celebrate! Okay, I'm not criticizing it, not at all. But I...

V-day: A small message to the masses

It's the Valentine's Day today, just another reason for people to celebrate! Okay, I'm not criticizing it, not at all. But I'm criticizing the hype people have made out of it, can this day be left as a day meant for celebrating Love and companionship rather than going over-the-board just to show-off? Isn't the day meant for people to take pride in their 'in a relationship' status? Nobody wants to be left isolated on this day, watching other couples rejoice, but does that means forcing yourselves into a relationship? Yeah, the previous question I asked may sound bizarre but it's a truth. Many people today, just because they don't want to be left out on this day force themselves into a relationship; how kiddish and insane is that!

Previously, I have written these two posts which confines itself within the boundaries of love and plays around with this very topic: Shakespeare and Love at first sight and The most exploited word "Love". In both of these I have highlighted my views about love and it being a broad concept. You can't just fake love for the sake of this day, namely, Valentine's Day! This feeling has to come from within; from your soul, from your mind (Ah, not heart, it is just an organ which pumps blood, silly!). It happens to everyone but in it's own good time hence, there is a saying in Hindi "Waqt se phele aur kismat se zayada kuch nahin milta" (English translation: You never get anything before the time destined for you also, you won't get something which is not in your destiny).

A lovely bouquet of Chrysanthemums for all you lovely people
Also, The Prophet by Khalil Gibran, the book which I recommended in my last post, has a segment on love, elaborately explaining it's simplicity and selflessness. Well, I wanted to write the whole thing here but, I'm refraining because of lack of time. But, I suggest anyone having an access to that book to read it. It explains "Love" very beautifully with a lot of grace and elegance. Now my time is up for the day, have to rush but all you fellas, have a happy and beautiful Valentine's day... 

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  1. Very nice post, Aditi. Gibran's views on love (and life) are so very true and relevant. The tragedy of our times is that marketing and peer pressure compels people to adopt lifestyles and values that that contradictory to their own inner happiness. That is why we see so much of dysfunction in people's lives today. Very thought provoking post, I hope a lot of people read it and give thought to how they are leading their lives. Keep writing. :)

    1. Exactly, many people especially youngsters like me forsake their values under the peer-pressure. What they fail to understand is Life is meant to be lived and not to give-up self in the whirl-winding storm of society. Thank you for the compliment. :)


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