I acknowledged the mistake I made, I even admitted it. I realized, thought the college I chose for myself was the one I eagerly wanted to b...

Once upon a time...I saw a dream

I acknowledged the mistake I made, I even admitted it. I realized, thought the college I chose for myself was the one I eagerly wanted to be a student of, I regret the decision I made. It was just an another morning when I was discussing Train schedules with my dad and the at a particular point, when he pinpointed that choosing DG Ruparel College instead of St. Andrew's College would have been a better bet, I gave in and unconsciously I admitted the wrong choice I made.

This drained out feeling which settled into me since my first day seemed something that was concerned with me being new to train travelling but now I'm acquaint with the fact that it has strings attached to me being unhappy in this college. No, I'm not at all saying St. Andrew's is bad, but the thing is thought it has everything a college should posses, I'm trapped in a class of students who are bitterly monotonous and do not like experimenting and exploring, a thing which should be done in college. The day-dreams I saw regarding college and how I'd spend my years, whilst in my last year of school have certainly flopped! The day-dreams of me being in a South Mumbai college (Um, I didn't apply to any South Mumbai college), have a big bunch of friends who likes exploring stuff and enjoying, went down the drain. I find myself nowhere close to being happy in this college, just because of the kind of boring people I have got stuck with!

I just need to rev-up and work towards improving the matter

Hey, you must have heard the saying "People say that destiny is the cause behind their state but my friends, it's you who shape up your life". Hence, I'm not going to let my dreams go so easily, hell yeah, I'm adamant! Though I have put off my life for 2 years, I can definitely work things out and materialize my dreams. Whatever I said above is not a regret, but a thing which I experienced. Regretting and whining are for losers and I'm not amongst them, I deserve best and shall strive for the same. But the thing which is happening, wouldn't had happened if I had trusted my instincts and followed my love for things and logic rather than the illusion and mirage created by people around me into believing that convenience matters. I also partly blame myself as I didn't visit any South Mumbai college or applied to any as I didn't had the guts to make it happen. 

Life lesson learnt: Never let your dreams go, never let people's opinion affect you and have the guts to make things happen you dream of. And I promise to myself, I will set myself free from the trap of unhappiness soon and make the dreams I saw once upon a time into reality.

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