Whilst in the college library today, I chanced upon the book "The Prophet" by  Khalil Gibran . We had an extract from this boo...

Interpretation of few words from "The Prophet" and some history

Whilst in the college library today, I chanced upon the book "The Prophet" by Khalil Gibran. We had an extract from this book in 10th grade hence, I pretty much pounced at the opportunity and flipped through the book. There is this question by a Lady being answered by the Prophet concerned with  Joy and Sorrow, to which  Prophet says (Note: It's my interpretation of the lines): Joy and sorrow both go hand in hand. Both of them are the two sides of a same coin, the thing that caused joy before is the reason for the sorrow now. If you just wander in search of joy you will never find it. Like a cup which holds wine has to be baked in the heat of an oven similarly, receiving joy without braving Sorrow turns down the purpose of joy.

Well, I have been feeling terrible from past few days because of the reason mentioned in the last post. I applied the Prophet's say in my situation and all I can say is; It has replenished my energy and hope to tackle all my problems with trust in him because now I know at the end of this dark tunnel there is light. Also, I finished reading the book Unaccustomed Earth by Jhumpa Lahiri and I have been getting this feeling of longing for more since, then. Um, this always happens after reading a good book! 

I had been to Bandra Fort few weeks ago. Ya, you can expect me to love a tattered part of past, I'm a history-buff after all! Just have a look at the pictures below, I'm seriously not in a mood to chat today, I'm tired and drained out as hell. So I'd let the picture do all the talking here....

The entrance
From all I have gathered, these words are written in Old Portuguese. This inscription is place just above the main entrance of the Fort.

You get this view of the Arabian Sea from the top of the Fort, with the Bandra-Worli sea link towards the left-hand side and the Bandstand towards the right.

And a small hillock which I had to trek. Hey, it's not too high just around 100m approx.!

The panoramic view of the Sea link from the fort

A close view of the sea, breathtaking? No? My mobile camera is the one to be blamed!

Although this place is nice and calm, my heart still belongs to Marine Drive. Anyways, this was just supposed to be a small update. So till next, take care.

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