Why does everything has to be so complicated? Can't I just sail my way through things without getting bogged by stuff which is certainl...

Respect a Woman deserves

Why does everything has to be so complicated? Can't I just sail my way through things without getting bogged by stuff which is certainly pointless and unnecessary? Is this my fault that I am a girl? No, the problem I am facing is not at all concerned with my gender but this gender's weaknesses! In my family, my parents and everyone else i.e. my relatives always treated me at par with the guys in my family, I never ever faced a gender issue. In school too, I basically never felt that girls are treated any less good than boys because the sport which the "Society" considers to be male dominated was open for girls to play too and hence, I got to showcase my sporting talent and am still remember in my school for that (Yeah, I came to know from a current student that my name has been put up on the Honor roll in the Sports room of my school as, I represented my School in Football but at the same time fetched 90.73% in my Board Examinations, a feat that any other sports person in my school has not been able to achieve). 

Since, I started my journey exploring life (Eh, that means 'from the moment I got an understanding') I never faced or even felt any sort of discrimination due to my gender when I was in the protective shell of School and Family. But now, After putting my foot onto the doorsteps of the "Real" world all I can say is "Yes, discrimination exists!". Why can't a female roam around and explore things alone? When the same thing is done by a male, none objects and their safety is certainly not an issue, then why does it have to be for Women? Doesn't our Constitution prescribes Equality and Liberty for all? So where is our share? Can't there be a single day when wrong doing does not occur against Women? Why do we have to depend upon several others, just for the sake of some company in order to be safe? Isn't the world civilized enough to understand the respect a Lady deserves?

If you are able to answer any of the question I asked above, I'll too learn to "adjust" in this society.....

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  1. Hey Aditi ...you are absolutely right....and I will also wait for the answer.....

  2. It is the unspoken law..At home, they act like they treat you and your brother equally, but do they?..I hate it when my parents ask me not to go out in the night! I've stopped fighting, I just do as I please..

    1. Actually, my parents do not stop me from doing anything I wish. It's just the awkwardness with which people see you when you are alone venturing somewhere as they think "Women" shouldn't do so , according to the old Indian outlook!

    2. true ya :)girls should have equal rites


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