Okay, my exams are on and I don't care a damn about it! Mainly because, I had my Maths test today and I had been practicing it since, p...

A Ray of light and a 9-weeks Marathon training program

Okay, my exams are on and I don't care a damn about it! Mainly because, I had my Maths test today and I had been practicing it since, past two weeks. Hence, I was pretty confident that it will certainly go wonderful but alas, It went horrible! And it has dampened my best spirits, ruining my day as just the night before I was bragging before a friend how easy Maths is. Although, I'll pass with kind-of nice marks I won't surpass my expectation. On the same day (actually today and yesterday) I got really nice complements on my hair (My God, I never realized I have 'this great' hair! Also, I think I ended up hurting someone unintentionally yesterday (Well, if you are reading this I'm sorry).

So basically a 50-50 is going on in my life. Hey but that doesn't mean a bad and uneventful life, remember the amazing stuff I did over Holidays? Yeah, it was fun and it did recharge my batteries to prepare me to face the 'storm' again. It's just someday it not the physical fatigue that drains you out but is the emotional instability. And the small happiness you get (like I got in the form of those sweet compliments) really makes you feel better about yourself. You must be acquaint with the saying "Even a small ray of light can ward-off darkness" similarly, small happiness coming in your way on your grey days can certainly fill some shades of bright in it. But the thing is to have a positive and optimistic approach.

Well, leaving 'emotional' stuff aside, yesterday was Mumbai Marathon and every year I make it a point to have a look at it, but I woke up too late and ended up missing it. It has a 6km run called as Dream run which I have been eager to run since, I discovered Mumbai Marathon way back in 2006. I have run a handful of Mini-Marathons during School-days and am still a sort-of long distance runner (Okay, 800m isn't that great but hey, I have run 1500m races in school). Now straight to the point, maybe not next year but next-to-next-year I can attend the Mumbai Marathon. There are many people who, like me, might be eager to upgrade from running in the Local parks to running in an official run. And I have got a little surprise for them below which I randomly bumped into at Pinterest. I might start training after I'm done with my examinations. But here, for all you lovely fellas.....

A 9-weeks training program.

So according to this plan, you will be a 6km marathon ready athlete in 9 weeks! Also, don't forget to warm-up and cool-down before and after every session to avoid injuries. And I want to eagerly bring my sleep patterns back on track because I stay up late every-night and realize it's a bad idea every morning, so I guess that would amount to no late night posts anymore. Fingers crossed for now. See ya guys later and take care.

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