Splitscreen: A Love Story from James W Griffiths on Vimeo . Beautifully edited video, ain'...

Just a sweet gesture

                                   Splitscreen: A Love Story from James W Griffiths on Vimeo.

Beautifully edited video, ain't it? I was just doing some mindless browsing and I stumbled upon this one. What struck me most about this video is how the common life of people living across continents, is depicted within a matter of barely 2 minutes! Although, this one is created with a "Love Story" perspective, I really appreciate the imagination which came up with this concept which is simply mind-blowing and fantastic. As they say "There is an extraordinary behind every ordinary", who could have thought that the monotonous life of two people can be portrayed in such a fabulous way? Well, I want to go on bragging about the thoughtful simplicity of this video. But, it's already too late and I should be better off to sleep (I have already done a lot of damage to my sleeping patterns and turned them insanely erratic) so see ya guys soon, take care.

P.S. Do share this video with anyone (friend, sibling, parent, etc.) living away from you, whom you care for and adore.  :)

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