Okay, to begin with; my friend wrote this article  which completely revolves around his life after his ill-fated relationship, he is just g...

A friend in need is a friend indeed

Okay, to begin with; my friend wrote this article which completely revolves around his life after his ill-fated relationship, he is just going over the whole thing again and again which is in turn making him upset with his own life. Previously, I wrote an article dealing with 'Rejection' I asked him to read the post and understand the main thought behind it, but my friend thinks he is blessed with doomed relationships only because of the way God made him. On this one, I'd like to highlight one important fact "Prosperity of a relationship is not entirely based upon how a person looks but how his character is"; You can't expect a relationship to last if you ill-treat people around you, on the flip-side, if your looks aren't that great but the other person feels special with you, you can certainly hope for the best. And where romantic connections are concerned, people crib and whine that they can't seem to find 'The perfect person', but my friends nobody in this world is perfect!

Just believe in God with all you faith
 As I mentioned before "Perfection is a myth" and Bob Marley has further quoted these lines which, in my opinion, are unconditionally true! You aren't perfectly perfect so, you can't expect the other person to be 'perfect', every person comes with their own flaws and obsession which might not be in sync with your liking. As they say "Matches are made in heaven", so you can be assured that there is 'someone' and regardless of you looks that person will accept you, the way you are. Perfect people don't exist but, there is a person out there (maybe across the continents or in your own town!) who is perfect for 'you'.

If you have read Twilight (I'm not talking about the movie but the book, there are many important things the movie has skipped!) you come across the fact that Bella was not an attractive or popular girl back in Arizona, it was just in Forks she became a subject of conversation due to some factors (I admit I'm not in a mood to tell stories). Yet, Edward fell for her! Hence, I say again finding a match is not at all concerned with your looks, although looks attracts people, in the long run it's the character and behaviour of the person that matters the most. Just rise above these things people and mind you as they say in movies "The ends are always happy, if not, then it's not the end of the story folks, the movie is yet to finish". And Gayasaftab Faridi, this one is for you, get over your depression. It's just things don't always work out and same thing happened with you and her, nothing else! :P

P.S. On the side note, my Holidays ends tomorrow. And by far, these were the only vacations since, past year during which I actually didn't get bored! Maybe the lovely nippy weather was responsible for this? Anyways, I just did a small round-up of the things I did this vacation...
  • Took responsibility of an another being. Okay, that was too much of bragging; but for the first time I experienced a responsibility that made me feel like an adult!
  • Visited Marine Drive and the adjoining beach Girgaum Chowpatty. For the first time in my life, I visited a beach during night-time and loved it (everything from the feel of the place to the melodious sound of the waves).
  • Baked a cake. And I guess this one doesn't need any elaboration.
  • Blogged some actual mindful stuff! Well, my past posts are a proof of me slipping into a boredom coma during holidays and hopefully that didn't happen to me this time.
  • Visited a Museum for the first time in my life and an aquarium for the second time.  
  • Shopping! Okay, every girl does this and I'm no exception. 
  • Met and caught-up with my school friends after a long time period of 6months. 
  •  Ate a lot of Mc'Donalds foodstuffs along with other junk food (I hate them to the core but, how can I resist if there isn't an alternative available?).
  • Dined in front of Gateway of India!
...etc. So this is all for today, see ya guys soon and take care.

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  1. heyyyyyyyyy aditi thnxx yaar :) you a true frnd :)) hmmm and you gave me my next topic to rite on :P :)

    1. Hope this one helped you out?

    2. ofcourse it did and how did you put this comment reply thingie i need it fr my blog :((


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