Okay, it has been too long since, I updated you people and I really regret that because I had some really interesting stuff to blog about b...

The Mirage of Perfection

Okay, it has been too long since, I updated you people and I really regret that because I had some really interesting stuff to blog about but, I lacked the energy and motivation to do it. Last two weeks were quiet eventful, filled with many events and programs. Keeping those stories aside, I really want to blog about the question that kept beckoning me again and again since, this morning. The mirage of perfection never fails to lure any Human on his Planet, ain't it? We always keep whining about the imperfections in our life, how our life lacks this particular thing, always keep cribbing that the other person's (neighbor, friend, relative, acquaintance, etc.) life is almost perfect. What we don't realize is the person might be suffering from their own set of problems, they must be having the thing your life lacks but that doesn't means that their life is perfect, they must not be having the thing you have in your life. Many people fall into this mirage and try to seek the happiness by bitching others. Seriously, just give a thought to this, the person who bitches others without any reason are the most discontent people. Thus, this mirage is something that needs to be done away with.

Okay, I too accept that I too am lured by some people's almost "Perfect" life once in a while, but frankly, I overcome the feeling of greed by just recollecting my past, going down the nostalgic lane and reviewing what I have achieve in my life and what I have in my life as compared to others. The fact that I secured great marks in my Board Examinations this years, without even putting the great effort other added and easily getting accepted in my choice of College without even trying hard is simply stunning, for which I am pretty aware how many people envy me!  At the same time, my life too is not at all perfect, my life too lacks the certain aspects that others posses. Also, I am willing to highlight an idiom, "Perfection is a Myth".

Possibilities are endless like the ever-huge horizon, so is any feeling in this Universe
The bottom line of the whole thought is, nobody's life is perfect. We just get lured by the mirage of perfection that our mind creates by envying the possessions other person's life posses, which our life lacks. The main thing, is not letting this get the best out from you. Don't get bitchy or do any nonsensical stuff that you might regret later (for instance, breaking friendship out of frustration because you never know who might come to your rescue) and please do not keep grudges within you, keep them aside and try to focus on the things you have which other don't rather than whining about the things your life lack.

Now, something I'd like to record about myself: I lost the feeling of uncertainty I had within myself which used to bug me a lot! I discovered this fact last Monday when, I was on my way to the Jogger's Park, Bandra for an Athletic event (for sports day of my College). There was always this feeling of uncertainty within me that always used to pull me from things and which made me doubtful of the occurrence of a particular event. I was more that ecstatic when I discovered this, how in school I used to get scared whether I might end up being a fool, now that feeling has vanished! Super cool! So, have to rush now. See ya guys, you can certainly hope for a post soon.

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