Note: I didn't meant to write a romantic-type post, but somehow it turned up this way! So, please forgive if you find this post over-ex...

And that's why I hate to say "Good-byes"

Note: I didn't meant to write a romantic-type post, but somehow it turned up this way! So, please forgive if you find this post over-exaggerated and over romanticized.

2012 is sprinting towards us and we people are in our top form with our drinks ready to be served and dancing shoes on, ready to embrace the New Year which will be upon us in a few days already bidding a roaring farewell to the year 2011, which has now become a yearly routine! And that brings me to my topic of "Good Byes", a word which I hate to the T. Just think of a common scenario; You are actually enjoying someone's company, having a mindful conversation and all of sudden when reach your destination or if it's getting late (ah, its obvious you can't be talking or be with someone 24/7!) you part away and the only pair of words that lingers around is a Good Bye. Or think of a nice Vacation on some exotic locale, at the end you have to say "Good Bye" to that place. This is the fact about "Good byes" that irritates me the most, it signifies an end, an end to things you never want to part away with (I hate that Good-Bye the most, which shunned my chance of going back to the school-life). And if you apply the meaning of the term "Good Bye" amongst persons and relationships, it literally narrows down your chance of an encounter after the farewell, in short "Good-bye" denotes a full-stop for me. This brings me towards my choice of words as a replacement: "See you soon". There is an essence of a return in these three words which rekindles hope, which lights up faces (literally, not metamorphically silly).

Well, this still is from my favourite song. You can't blame me, I love it and I don't owe a reason!
Now, I ask you again to retort to your imagination and imagine (Sorry for this, but I wasn't able to think of a better example), you are on a date and at the end that person says you a "Good bye" and leaves. But, imagine the same scenario in which that person says you "See you soon" and the parts, wouldn't it sound a thousand times sweeter than a "Good Bye"? If you thought even slightest in the way my thoughts sailed, you'd absolutely get my point. A "Good Bye" to a thing that won't return again (like the passing years) doesn't hurts, but when you apply the same term between relationships it vanishes the probability of meet that person again. Just try to shun the word "Good Bye" for a day from you vocabulary and instead use "See you soon", you'll see the miracle....

So, at last but not the least; A happy and prosperous New Year to one and all, may your life get filled with Joy and pains leave you. See you Next Year! 

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